Sully A Movie Review

Sully – A Movie Review In 2015 we saw Tom Hanks in the cold war movie Bridge of Spies. In 2016 he gives us another biography of recent history in his portrayal of “Sully.” And later this month he brings … Continue reading

Revival in Sickles

Revival in Sickles Julie and I recently were part of a revival at Sickles Community Church. As you listen to my podcast you’ll hear all about it.  I’ll also introduce you to Pastor Tom & Peggy Clifton, Freida Sinclair, Willie … Continue reading

Sweet Comfort Band 1978

Sweet Comfort Band 1978 In the early months of 1978 I led the music for the Arkansas Youth Convention. I’m not sure where it was held. Perhaps Little Rock. But I remember traveling in a car back to Hot Springs … Continue reading

When God Forgives He Forgets

When God Forgives He Forgets It was the summer of 1973. I had just made friends with Paul & Cliff Donaldson. We became a band and started singing/playing in area churches in south Texas. After a few weeks they invited … Continue reading