A Christmas Carol – Chuck’s Favorite 25 Days of Christmas Movies

A Christmas Carol –
Chuck’s Favorite 25 Days of Christmas Movies


Charles Dicken’s 1843 novelette comes to life in A Christmas Carol (1938). This charming black and white movie was directed by Edwin L. Marin. Hugo Butler wrote the screenplay. The film runs 69 minutes.a christmas carol 1938

It’s Christmas Eve. Ebenezer Scrooge gets visited by his old partner Marley [who has been dead for several years]. Marley offers a warning and also tells that 3 spirits will be visiting Scrooge in the night.

The Ghost of Christmas Past is a beautiful ghost that takes Ebenezer back to his school and also to see Fezziwig, his first employer. She talks about the “gradual enslavement to greed” that has taken over in his life.

The Ghost of Christmas Present shows him his nephew Fred, Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim, and more. We see this family celebrating Christmas.

The Ghost of Christmas Future does not speak but shows life without Tiny Tim. Then he takes Scrooge to the cemetery. Scrooge awakens on Christmas Day to a new reality. He is a changed man.

It ends with Ebenezer offering a toast and Tiny Tim saying “God bless us, Everyone”

A Christmas Carol –
Chuck’s Favorite 25 Days of Christmas Movies

The Cast of A Christmas Carol (1938)

  • Reginald Owen as Ebenezer Scrooge [Mary Poppins, Mrs. Miniver, Woman of the Year, The Canterville Ghost, Captain Kidd]
  • Gene Lockhart as Bob Cratchit [Miracle on 34th Street, Going My Way, Meet John Doe]
  • Kathleen Lockhart as Mrs. Cratchit [The Glenn Miller Story (1954) and Lady in the Lake (1947). She was married to Gene Lockhart]
  • Terry Kilburn as Tiny Tim Cratchit [Goodbye Mr. Chips, National Velvet]
  • Barry MacKay as Fred (Scrooge’s nephew) [Gangway (1937) and Smuggled Cargo (1939)]
  • Lynne Carver as Bess (Fred’s fiancée)
  • Bunny Beatty as Martha Cratchit (uncredited)
  • June Lockhart as Belinda Cratchit (uncredited)
  • John O’Day as Peter Cratchit (uncredited)
  • Leo G. Carroll as Marley’s Ghost [Strangers on a Train (1951), Spellbound (1945) North by Northwest (1959),The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (1964)]
  • Ann Rutherford as Spirit of Christmas Past [The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1947), Adventures of Don Juan (1948), Gone With the Wind, The Andy Hardy movie series]
  • Lionel Braham as Spirit of Christmas Present [The Little Princess (1939) and Macbeth (1948)]
  • D’Arcy Corrigan as Spirit of Christmas Future
  • Ronald Sinclair as Young Scrooge

a-christmas-carol-1938-4 christmascarolghost



A Christmas Carol – Chuck’s Favorite 25 Days of Christmas Movies

A Christmas Carol (1938) christmascarolgroup christmas-carol-1938-cratchits





If you like old classic movies this could certainly become one of your favorites.

Who has played Scrooge in film, stage and TV?

Jim Carrey, Patrick Stewart, George C Scott, Michael Caine, Albert Finney, Tom Hanks, Kelsey Grammer, Tim Curry, Bill Murray and many more.


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  1. I love to watch all of the “Scrooge” Movies, but this is my favorite.
    I have not seen it this year. I enjoyed seeing the pictures. Thank you for sharing! Merry Christmas to you and Julie!

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