A Shot Put to the Head

A Shot Put to the Head

One of the reasons I’m doing this podcast/blog is to leave a record of my life and memories for my children and grandchildren [and anyone else who wants to know what was on my mind]. From time to time I’ll share a memory that might not be real inspiring or motivating. It might not even have an “Ah Ha” moment connected to it. And it probably won’t have a “life application” associated with it.

It will just be a memory. It might be funny or serious. Today’s memory is one that is funny and could have been very serious. Let me take you back to 7th grade physical education class.

A Shot Put to the Head

shot-put-clip-art-608950The boys 7th grade P.E. class went out to the field behind the Jr. Hi. building. Out custom was to go out there and do some calisthenics and then play touch football or find something creative the coach wanted us to do.

The school property took up almost one huge city block.

Ingleside Jr Hi 7th Grade



The 5th and 6th grade buildings were on one side of the block. The Jr Hi was on another side of the block. The rest of the field had a baseball diamond and tennis courts on it.

The coach, I think it was Coach Flournoy, had decided we needed to learn some track and field things in case we ever wanted to compete in running track and the long jump. I didn’t mind jumping but I didn’t like running.

On this one particular day he brought out the shot put and the discus. He gave us some preliminary rules and a few techniques. The idea was that every boy out there would have a chance to throw something that day.

There were probably 15-20 of us in this class. I’m not sure. But, we all kind of made a semicircle and started taking our turns to throw the shot. It was either a 6 pound steel ball or an 8 pounder.

A Shot Put to the Head

shotputIt seems like I remember taking my turn at throwing this shot. It probably went 15 ft. or so. Then I took my turn back in the perimeter circle.

While I was standing in line waiting my next turn I noticed the 6th grade girls were having P.E. outside of their building. It was just across the same field that we were on, but far enough where we couldn’t mingle and get into trouble. They had their boundary and we did, too.

So, I was watching the action to my left. I wasn’t watching the action to my right where we were throwing the shot. Well, one of my friends was up to throw. Somehow he released at the wrong spin of his body or something.

The next thing I knew I felt a terrible pain on my head and I went to my knees. Then I noticed blood in my mouth cause I had bit my tongue. My friend released this 6 or 8 pound shot and it hit me on the very top of my head.  Not the side. Not the back. But the very top center of my head.

It was like I could hear giant bells ringing in my ears. I didn’t see stars like on the comic strips, but it seems like everything went dark for just a second then I opened my eyes and felt the pain of being hit with a steel ball.

The boys all rushed around me. The coach took me to the bathroom to check me and called my Dad to come pick me up and get me checked out at the doctor’s office. We were a small town but I think we had 2 doctors.

Dad drove me to the doctor. The nice man checked my eyes and looked me over. He said give him some aspirin and he should be okay. He didn’t see any outward sign of a concussion. So, Dad took me home. Seems like I wanted to go back to school so he took me back.

A lot of the kids saw me when I came back because it was still lunch hour. I remember the girl I had a crush on was crying, or so I was told. I went to science class and the teacher was a substitute that was also a member of our church. She said, “Charles, don’t go to sleep now. You need to stay awake in case you have a concussion.” So, I stayed awake but it seems like I was tired.

Most kids might get mad at their friend if they had thrown a 6 pound ball to the top of their head. I didn’t get mad. I’m not using my friend’s name because I wouldn’t want to embarrass him 48 years later. We were good friends and we even learned songs on the guitar together.

My dad told me that he was glad my hair was a little shaggy. You see, he had wanted to take me for a hair cut before this day, but didn’t get around to it. So, it was just a little longer and thicker than normal. He said my hair saved me and if it had hit my big toe it might have killed me! LOL

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 11.11.29 PM


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