AM55+ Retreat 2016

AM55+ Retreat 2016


The AM 55+ Retreat was once again held at Camp Christian near Chouteau, OK. We had the grounds and the Lodge to ourselves. It was good to see those who come every year and also to meet the new ones.

AM55+ Retreat 2016

Thursday Night – after supper we went to Howard Lodge and took the group photo with our great looking shirts. Then, I led worship and turned it over to Kevin Clouse. He had a menagerie of friends that he brought with him. It was a lot of fun.


Chuck Singing and leading worship


Kate & Margaret


Kevin and Jake From Snake Farm


Kevin doing “Old McDonald” with Jan, Betty, Karen, Bobby and John

img_8566 img_7965
























Friday – we had several guests arrive from Claremore for the day.


Kevin with Jazz


Kevin preaching.

img_8572 img_8573 img_8574

AM55+ Retreat 2016

Saturday – We had a great breakfast with some of my favorite cinnamon rolls the camp serves. We had a quick business meeting. I led some more music. Kevin shared.

We packed up and headed home. It was a great retreat.

See you all next year! (Last Thursday – Saturday in September, 2017)

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