An Interview with a WWII POW

An Interview with a WWII POW


A young Lloyd Whetstone

My dad was interviewed by Carl Brown with the University of Memphis Veteran’s Oral History Project October 6, 2006.


My dad left Arkansas with fifty cents in his pocket. He said he was traveling “by ‘ER.” That meant he was hitchhiking and he would ask the driver “‘Er you goin’ my way?” His initial plans were to go to New Orleans and find work. But, in this case the driver said he was heading to Shreveport. My dad quickly said, “That is where I’m going, too!”

He got a job as a photographer. That’s how he met my mom. Long story short they were married in October of 1943. He had already been drafted, so they weren’t married very long before he had to go off. He had training in various places like Kearney, Nebraska, Harlingen, TX, and Miami Beach, Florida.


Lloyd Whetstone in Miami Beach, FL. March 1, 1943

The next thing you know he was headed to New Jersey to board the Queen Mary with a lot of other troops. They were shipped out to England and their job was to stop Hitler in his tracks.

Dad was assigned to the 306th Bomber Group 369th Bomber Squadron in Thurleigh, England.

An Interview with a WWII POW

Stay tuned for Part Two of this Interview with a WWII POW.

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