An Interview with a WWII POW PT3

An Interview with a WWII POW PT3

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 12.53.22 PMWelcome to Part Three of this special interview conducted by Carl Brown with my dad, Charles L. Whetstone.

I was looking up information on Lt. Wong and I finally found a photo of the B-17 that my dad flew in on his last mission. If you can’t read the words it says:


B-17 G-1-BO   42-31056 of the 369th BS, which belly landed at Thurleigh on 17 November 1943. Repaired, this Fortress and 2/Lt. Richard S. “Calasis” Wong’s crew FTR from the mission to Wilhelmshaven on 3 February 1944.Three crew were KIA and seven made PoW.

This is fascinating to me because I have never seen a Crew photo, as many crews would do. One may surface some day. I am still going through my dad’s books that he had on the war.

An Interview with a WWII POW PT3

09powcampsDad was a prisoner in two compounds:

Stalag Luft IV and Stalag Luft VI.

The podcast audio of the inteview covers a lot more of this. Thank you for listening.

In today’s podcast Charlie talks about the camp he was at for 9 months. He discusses some of the guys trying to escape. One of them was his crew member, George Walker, who was shot by the guards. Then dad discusses helping with the burial of Walker.

An Interview with a WWII POW PT3

stalal Luft 4Dad also jumped ahead in his story and talked about when he was rescued and in the hospital in France. He only weighed 110 pounds. Many men died because they couldn’t adjust to the food and ate too much. Dad shared his secret.

He also talks about the efforts of the Underground. It’s an interesting story about baseballs and volleyballs, etc. You’ll have to hear it.

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