An Interview with a WWII POW PT4

An Interview with a WWII POW PT4

Luft4 Details

[An interview conducted by Carl Brown and the University of Memphis, 2006]

On this interview with Charles L. Whetstone, former POW of WWII, you’ll hear about the radio they had hidden in the barracks that the Germans always were looking for.

The captives were able to listen to BBC news each night for details of the war.

He also talked about getting Red Cross parcels that prisoners would receive.

Dad talks about his normal diet each day. When you hear it you’ll understand how he got down to 110 pounds.

An Interview with a WWII POW PT4

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Roll Call at Luft IV

He shares some funny things that happened even in the midst of war and terrible conditions. He mentions the “honey wagon,” and teaching German to some of the prisoners. He shares about going to another camp, most likely Luft IV.

This photo says there were 2500 US Airmen, a total of 9,000 Americans, 900 British, 100 Russian for a total of 10,000 men.


An Interview with a WWII POW PT4

MapOfBarbedWireFrom Luft4This is a drawing of the camp from Claude Watkins. Mr. Watkins sent my dad a piece of barbed wire from this camp, apparently one that he obtained on a fact-finding mission there.


Barbed Wire from Stalag Luft IV



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