An Interview with a WWII POW PT5

An Interview with a WWII POW PT5


Newspaper clipping about my Mom and Dad, 1944

In this part of the interview with my dad, C. L. Whetstone, he recalls part of the 84 day forced march (550 miles) with about 9,000 men in the winter of 1945. He talks about a doctor who helped him with a boil. Dad also talks about having lice during this 84 days.

Notice the newspaper clipping, most likely from the Shreveport paper, concerning my Mom and Dad in 1944.

I’m including some of my dad’s diary. It’s 70 years old and hard to read. I will try to scan and preserve it.

These pics show what happened on each day of the march, where they stayed, etc.




MarchDiary1 MarchDiary2

An Interview with a WWII POW PT5

Charlie also talks about being searched by the Gestapo on two occasions. He also talked about staying in barns, an aircraft factory and more.

MarchDiary3 MarchDiary4


An Interview with a WWII POW PT5

This march took place from February to May, 1945.  My dad was liberated on April 26.  Here is his diary page.


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