An Interview with a WWII POW PT7

An Interview with a WWII POW PT7

What do POW’s have while in captivity? Time.

As I was reading Dad’s diary of his experience being a POW in WWII in Germany I read something interesting. One of the interrogators told him and his captured friends, “Sir. For you the War is over.”

So, look at this list of Cigarettes that my dad put into his diary. Fascinating.

Cigarette List in POW camp

POW Cigarette List from WWII Diary of Charles L. Whetstone


An Interview with a WWII POW PT7

This interview with my Dad, Charles L. Whetstone, was conducted by Carl Brown from the University of Memphis.

Part 7 Charlie talks about his jobs after the war in Shreveport, LA.

He also remembers the soldier that pushed another soldier who couldn’t walk in a wheelbarrow on the Death March.

An Interview with a WWII POW PT7

Dad talks about being in a box car. They moved the prisoners by train, even going through Berlin on the way to Luft VI. He said there 40 men in one car and it was very cold. There might have been a coal stove in there. I’m not sure.

He also talks about the man who wrote Stalag 17, Donald Bevan, was also a prisoner in his compound at one time.

And most Hollywood movies depict the POWs digging tunnels to escape. Dad says his group weren’t the best tunnel builders. His job was to carry out dirt to the compound yard. He used 2 Prince Albert tobacco cans to hold the dirt.

Some great WWII movies of Hollywood that are pretty accurate would be Stalag 17 starring William Holden, Peter Graves, and Otto Preminger, and The Great Escape, starring Steve McQueen, James Garner and Richard Attenborough.





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