An Interview with a WWII POW PT8

An Interview with a WWII POW PT8

In this final installment, Dad talks about playing bridge, using KLIM cans, and bread that had sawdust in it.

Klim red cross content list


An Interview with a WWII POW PT8

Glossary of POW words and others used in WWII:

Abort  – Latrine

American Red Cross – Supplier of food and clothing for POWS

Appell – Roll call parade

B-17, B-24  – American four-engine heavy bombers

Barracks – Troop quarters

BBC –  British Broadcasting Corporation


“C” Rations  – Combat rations

camp –  Prison

Chatter gun –  Machine gun

Deutschland  – Germany

ersatz  – Substitute

Flak  – Anti-aircraft artillery. (From German: Flugziogabwehrkanonen)

Forty-and-eight  – Train cars that can hold forty men or eight horses

Fuhrer  – Leader

Geneva Convention  – 1929 agreement for protection of prisoners of war

Gestapo  – Geheime Staatspolizei, Nazi Political Police

GI –  “Government issue”, also slang for American servicemen

Goon –  German

Goon Baiting –  Creating problems for guards

Goon box, goon tower –  Guard tower

Hauptmann  – Captain

Halifax – British four-engine heavy bomber

Heat suit  – Flight suit that could be electrically heated by plugging into aircrafts electrical system

Jawohl  – Yes sir, yes indeed

Jude – Jew

Kaputt  – Out of order

kohlrabi  – Cabbage-turnip type vegetable

Kommandant  – Commanding officer

K. P.  – Kitchen police, or kitchen duty

KriegieSlang for POW, from the German Kriegsgefangen

Kriegsmarine – Navy

Lager – CampLuftwaffe  – Air Force

Man of Confidence  – Camp leader elected by enlisted prisoners

Mae West –  Life Preserver

mess –  Dining area

Mosquito  – English twin-engine fighter-bomber

Nazi –  Germanys National Socialist Party

NCO  – Non-Commissioned Officer

O D  – Olive drab color

Parole  – Written Promise of a POW to fulfill stated conditions in exchange for certain privileges; usually carried threat of death if violated

P-47  – American fighter aircraft

Pop-to –  To come to attention

POW  – Prisoner of war

RAF  – Royal Air Force

Reich  – Government

sack –  Bed

SquadronOne of four operational forces in an air force Group

Stalag  – Contraction of German Stammlager

Stalag Luft  – Air Force permanent POW camp, from German Stammlager Luftwaffe

Tee  – Tea (tee is pronounced “tay”)

USAAF or USAAC  – Former names of U.S. Air Force: U. S. Army Air Forces, U. S. Army Air Corps

Verboten – Forbidden

Wing  – Part of an Air Force Division

Zahnpulver – Toothpowder

An Interview with a WWII POW PT8

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series of podcasts/blogs featuring the interview conducted by Carl Brown, The University of Memphis, with my hero, my Dad – Charles L. Whetstone.


CL Whetstone at the Memphis Belle


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