Backside of the Desert (Wait For You)

Backside of the Desert (Wait For You)

Combine Leon Russell’s Tightrope, Keith Green’s So You Wanna Go Back to Egypt, Chuck Whetstone’s honky-tonk piano, and a Bohemian feel and what do you get? The song I wrote called Backside of the Desert (Wait for You).

It’s a song that sort of chronicles the life of Moses with a ragtime/honky-tonk feel. You can read about Moses in the Book of Exodus.

Many times I felt like I was on the Backside of the Desert myself, trying to know and find God’s will for my life. Should I stay here? Should I move? Should I take this job? etc.

Backside of the Desert (Wait For You)

On this recording from my 1986 release Wait for You, you’ll hear me playing the piano, drums, and all the keyboards, plus singing the vocal. I hope to do a re-release of this project in the fall.

Wait For You CoverThe artwork was done by my friends Anne Hogue England and Cathy Galbreth.

Backside of the Desert (Wait For You)

And like Moses I would rather be crossing the Red Sea on foot than to be swimming it with all of the Egyptian army.

Backside of the Desert (Wait for You)  will always be one of my favorite songs that I have written. I hope you enjoy it as well.

Backside of the Desert (Wait for You)
Words & Music by Chuck Whetstone
©2015, Charles L Whetstone, All Rights Reserved


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