Be Like Jesus

Be Like Jesus

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From The Lost Tapes Project.

This song came about as I was thinking about all the Sunday School stories I heard as a child. Then, after pondering that for awhile I decided that I would like to really Be Like Jesus.

That should be more than a slogan. That would mean to love like Jesus, have faith like Jesus, be kind like Jesus, speak the truth like Jesus and much more.

Be Like Jesus

Be Like Jesus was going to be the title of an album in the 90s, but I never got around to it.

On this recording that was recorded in 1990 at Chimney Lane in Asheboro, NC you’ll hear the following musicians:

  • Richard Watson, drums
  • Chuck Bingham, bass guitar
  • Chuck Whetstone, piano, vocals, and rhythm and lead guitar
  • Tony Bridgeman, lead guitar [he’s the one that is shredding the neck!]
  • Recorded by Harvell Smith
  • Mixed and Produced by Chuck Whetstone

Be Like Jesus

Rich, Chuck and I recorded the song in the sanctuary of Chimney Lane. I did overdub guitars in my bedroom at home [I think Julie would understand!]. Tony Bridgeman, a friend of Doyce Smith and Tony Hoover, came over with his guitar and did an amazing job on the electric. He laid his parts down in one or two takes. Amazing! And he had never heard my song before.

The guitar work on this reminds me of an 80s Hair Band or something. Remember, this is mostly a raw recording from instrument to microphone to 4 track cassette tape. And the tape is now 25 years old. Please enjoy.

Be Like Jesus
Words & Music by Chuck Whetstone
©2015, Charles L Whetstone, All Rights Reserved

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