Ben Hur – Saturday Night at the Movies

Ben Hur – Saturday Night at the Movies


Julie and I went to the Warren Theater to watch Ben Hur (2016). We bought our supper in the Diner and took it with us to the Screening Room #6. Have I told you about the Screening Room?

The SR at the Warren is a theater with a stadium look/feel, but it has less chairs. But, the chairs are recliners and heated and have a tray table to hold your food.  It is amazing. The price was only $14 each, but it is worth it to relax, recline, and have plenty of leg room for people to pass by. Also, the person next to you is also in a large recliner so you are not touching elbows and sitting real close.  I like that.

The digital image and digital sound is always amazing.

Ben Hur – Saturday Night at the Movies

This remake is the effort of Roma Downey and her husband, Mark Burnett. There are other producers, as well. For all the details go to IMDB.


It stars Jack Huston, Toby Kebbel, Morgan Freeman and many others.

It is a based on the novel by Lew Wallace 1827-1905. “Ben Hur: A Tale of the Christ” was turned into a play that was produced on Broadway and later filmed several times, the most famous one being Ben-Hur (1959), starring Charlton Heston.


Ben Hur – Saturday Night at the Movies

I loved the chariot race, of course. And I really liked Morgan Freeman’s character. I understood the story a lot more, maybe because I was paying attention since I paid so much for my seat!

I highly recommend you see this on the Big Screen. If not, make a point to view the DVD when it is available.

It brings in the Christ character, but it is not preachy.  This is the best production by Roma and Mark. The music, the scenery (filmed in Italy), and everything made for a great movie.


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  1. I loved this movie! I watch the Charleton Heston movie almost everytime it is on. I have read the book. And, I also have seen the silent version with Ramon Navarro. As you can see, I love this story.
    I hope this movie does good! I try to support the Christian movies.
    Thank you for mentioning me! That was a nice surprise!

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