Athletes in the Movies

I just watched San Andreas. It’s one of the summer blockbuster
movies starring Dwayne Johnson, or The Rock, as he is known.

SanAndreas-400x242It was a great disaster movie that I was able to catch at the Warren
Theater in Moore, OK. We actually watched it in the IMAX. It was
a blast and the IMAX never lets you down in the 3D images or the
sound quality. Fantastic.

Athletes in the Movies

Thinking about The Rock and his wrestling career make me start to
remember other athletes who were known for the abilities in the ring,
or in bodybuilding, or in the Olympics who have also gone on to
another career in acting.

Some of the names you may remember are:

  • Babe Ruth – baseball homerun slugger
  • Johnny Wiessmuller – Olympian johnnyweissmuller
  • Mickey Hargitay – body builder mickeyhargitay
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger – body builder
  • Jack LaLanne – exercise enthusiast lalanne
  • Lou Ferrigno – body builder
  • Steve Austin – wrestler
  • Brian Bosworth – pro football player the-boz
  • Dwayne Johnson – wrestler

Athletes in the Movies

Each of these men [I will address the women on another
broadcast/blog] have been given another voice by being
able to act on TV or in the movies.

Please enjoy the podcast today where I talk more about their
careers and also the genre of Disaster Movies.

Thank you.
Chuck Whetstone

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Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 11.11.29 PM


Stay Charged Up

Sam Crowley, of Everyday is Saturday, loves
to ride the roller coaster at King’s Island. He even SamCrowleyPod
has a season pass. The man loves to get in the
front seat and ride and ride. Sam is charged up!

Sam usually always shouts out, “I’m fired up!”
What a great attitude to have. And that
attitude can be contagious. It’s hard to listen
to Sam’s podcast and not be encouraged to

  • do better
  • be better
  • think better
  • work better

I encourage you to go to Sam’s webpage and
sign up for his free podcast. You will thank me

Stay Charged Up

My Black & Decker electric weed eater is designed for
light duty. It’s not intended to do some of the work I
was doing tonight.

Therefore the built in battery went down pretty lg_Black_&_Decker_NST2018_Grass_Hog_lg
quickly. It’s energy reserves were depleted rapidly and I could not finish the work that needed to be done.

Guess what?  It is currently charging back up
so I can use it on another day.

Stay Charged Up!

Found in the Ten Commandments is an
interesting section that talks about the Sabbath.

8Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. 9Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work:
10But the seventh day is the sabbath
of the LORD thy God:
in it thou shalt not do any work, thou,
nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy
manservant, nor thy maidservant,
nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is
within thy gates: 11For in six days the
LORD made heaven and earth, the sea,
and all that in them is, and rested the
seventh day: wherefore the LORD
blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.
Exodus 20:8-11

God, the Creator, taught his people to not overdo it,
but to take a break and rest from their daily and
weekly toil. This is key if you want to get charged
up and

Stay Charged Up

Mike Dillard has a great website that
encourages men and women to be the
best they can be.


His Self Made Man has helped me
get some training in survival skills.

One of the things you need to take into
consideration is your batteries. Batteries
for your flashlight, phone, and other

To survive some of the disasters of
life you have to have the right kind
of batteries and

Stay Charged Up


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Summer Blockbuster Movies 2015


I love to go to the movies. I’ll even go
if a movie has a bad review. I like the
experience of watching the Big Screen
and immersing my senses and my mind
someplace else for 2 hours. I don’t think
I’m escaping. I think I’m partaking.

Summer Blockbuster Movies 2015

This summer has alreaavengers-age-ultron-one-sheetdy started with a
a plethora of movies, including The Avengers:
The Age of Ultron, Tomorrowland, and
coming out this week – Jurassic World.

Ron Howard's Daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard

Ron Howard’s Daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard

The Hollywood Reporter put together a calendar of when some of these movies would be released and also included a short
bio on each movie. You can see who is starring in each film as well.

I’ve enjoyed all of the Jurassic movies. The concept of obtaining DNA from a prehistoric animal and then cloning that animal is very interesting. You’ll see Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard in that movie.

Bryce is the daughter of Ron Howard [Opie on The Andy Griffith Show and also of Happy Days fame]. Ron’s dad, Rance, also an actor, is
from Duncan, OK, where Ron was also born.
Living in Oklahoma I find that to be cool!

SanAndreas-400x242Summer Blockbuster Movies 2015

Other movies coming out that will be fun include:

  • San Andreas
  • Terminator: Genisys
  • Minions
  • Self/Less
  • Ant-Man
  • Pixels
  • Mission: Impossible 5
  • The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
  • Regression
  • Ricki and the Flash

I hope you take the time to visit a theater near you and enjoy some of the
Summer Blockbuster Movies of 2015.

Ricki and the Flash

Ricki and the Flash



Check Your Checklist if You Want to Fly

That seems so obvious. Check your checklist.

I woke up [fairly early for me] and was
wondering what today’s podcast/blog would
be. I have several specific themes and titles
already in the works for next weekend and
Father’s Day, but what about today? [I try to
work ahead but, with all the recent travel…]

So, I opened up my Podcast folder on my
desktop. I saw a PDF from Sam Crowley
called The Podcast Entrepreneur’s Checklist.
When I joined Sam’s Podcast House I was
given lots of resources to help me with my
podcast. I have even looked at this document
while setting up my new podcast on WordPress
and iTunes.

But, I’ve not been checking it lately.

Hmmmmm. Guess what? I’ve not done
everything Sam has suggested for my

I’ve been so happy just to record my voice and
my thoughts and keep this blog post interesting
that I’ve forgotten there are several more steps
to complete before I’m really “flying.”

Check Your Checklist if You Want to Fly

My son has been notorious for lists making. I think he
got that from his Peepaw. I also make lists, especially
before trips or if I’m taking equipment to a gig. I don’t
want to leave something behind. Aaron would always
make a list before he left home or school on a trip,
to help him remember what he needed. Good job, Son!

It’s like Dave Ramsey who helps people with
Financial Peace University. He has outlined
specific steps for people to take if they want to
get out of debt and stay that way.  He calls it the
Seven Baby Steps.

7babystepsThousands of people have
used this checklist and have
got completely out of debt.

It seems simple, but you have
to start with Step One before
you move to Step Two. You
can’t jump ahead. When I listen
to Dave on his radio show and
someone is trying to start investing
instead of paying off debt he lets
them know they are doing it wrong.
He says you need to follow the
plan. Stay on the path. Keep doing
the Baby Steps until you are ready
to start investing and not before.

I remember in High School when they offered us
Driver’s Ed in the summer. I signed up for the
class and took it. We had like 2 weeks in-class
sessions each morning where we would go over
the rules of driving and study the Driver’s Ed
booklet that we were given. Then we had a week
of driving experience using the knowledge we
gained in class.

One of the first things, if you remember, BEFORE
you even start your car is to put on your seatbelt.
And then you are to adjust your mirrors, etc. These
are some basic things that I still do today because
I did them in Driver’s Ed and learned a checklist
system for preparing to drive.

Check Your Checklist if You Want to Fly

My brother-in-law was a Navy fighter pilot in
Vietnam. He also flew many other types of
planes for the Navy. After he retired he was an
instructor and a Navigator for FedEx. He knows
about the Pre-Flight Checklist. In order to fly
safely and with confidence he would go through
a thorough checklist to make sure everything was
working, everything was ready, everything was
safe to fly.

As the Navigator for FedEx his checklist also
included knowing the amount of weight of the
fuel, the plane, and the cargo. Everything mattered.
If you have a certain amount of cargo weight you
need to make sure you are carrying enough fuel.
Plus the cargo has to be loaded properly in the
plane. All of this was part of his checklist before
he was able to tell the Captain they could take off.

CessneaChecklistAnd when doing a Pre-Flight Checklist you not only want to check the inside of the plane, but also do a visual check of the outside – the tires, the windows, the struts, the flaps. Most of this is done by your maintenance crew, but the best pilots will also do their own checks because they are the ones who will be flying the plane, not the ground crew.

So, now that I have reviewed my checklist
I realize I need to do this more than once per
month, but every week to make sure I’m on track.

Check Your Checklist if You Want to Fly

Isn’t that important to remember in several areas of
our lives? Whether it’s our personal finances, or
our business, or even if we are planning a vacation,
don’t we need some sort of checklist to help us not
forget important things and have to live in regret later?

I think it’s good advice we can all use. Maybe if we
reviewed our checklist more often we could find
out perhaps why our goals have stalled out. We
can maybe see an important Baby Step that we
omitted that is keeping us in debt. Or we might
find the missing link that is keeping us from the
success we really want.

Sample Checklist

Sample Checklist

I found a ton of sample checklists when I did a Google search. You can download your own checklist template and start your own checklist.

The most important thing to remember about a  checklist, especially a Pre-Flight Checklist – is that
it has one main purpose:

To help you take off

Make it a great day.


Get On Board

It’s Soulful Sunday and I have for your listening enjoyment
a song I wrote years ago and recorded on my CD called
Wake Up America [1999].

Musically it sounds a lot like some of the Doo Wop vocal
bands of the 50s and 60s.

The imagery of the lyrics is talking about a Ship and leaving
one place [the earth] to go to another [heaven].

I hope you enjoy it. I haven’t listened to this in a long time.
It was refreshing to hear it again.

Get On Board – Words & Music by Chuck Whetstone
Chuck Whetstone – keyboards/vocals
Aaron Whetstone – drums
Johnny Mathews – producer and bass vocals

Recorded in Bossier City, LA

Get On Board
Words & Music by Chuck Whetstone

The Ship is making ready it’s almost time to go
All the sails have been raised and the wind starts to blow
We’re leaving on a voyage; gonna cast off doubt and fear
Heading toward that Harbor nevermore to come back here.

Whoa, Get on board
It’s almost time to leave, Get on board

The passengers are waiting, their faces all aglow
Watching for the Captain, the Lover of their soul
He sails the ship called Zion, He chose it for His own
He loved it with His whole life and He bought it with His blood

Whoa, Get on board
It’s almost time to leave, Get on board

We’re heading out from the seashore when we hear that trumpet tune
It might be next November, April, May or June
We’ll leave the world behind us like the ones who’ve gone before
You better get your ticket and Get On Board!

Whoa, Get on board
It’s almost time to leave, Get on board

Your ticket has been purchased. Step right up and take your place.
Enter through that narrow door and sing Amazing Grace.
Come join the blood washed army. There’s still room for more.
Sail with us to that City, on our one way trip home.

Copyright 1999, Charles L. Whetstone, All Rights Reserved

On Tour with 17 Senior Citizens

Hi. I wasn’t going to post anything today. I’m tired.

Julie and I just returned from a trip to Branson, MO with 15 other
wonderful senior citizens from Fresh Start Community Church.

At Whispering Hills

At Whispering Hills

We left Thursday morning and returned this evening.  It was a great trip, but I need a shower and to go to bed.

But, first let me give you some quick highlights. So, please listen to
my podcast now because this written blog post won’t tell the whole

I’ll just say that we have a wonderful group of people that make up the 50+ Senior Adult Ministry of Fresh Start.
I wish they ALL could have gone on the trip. It would have been a blast.
But, time commitments, finances and health have a way of stopping some
of our plans. But, we ended up with 17 of us. What a blast we had!

Will Rogers Turnpike at Vinita, OK

Will Rogers Turnpike at Vinita, OK

OK. End of post. Listen to podcast. Thanks.

Tomorrow’s podcast features a personal song that I wrote.



Lunch at Lambert’s Cafe in Ozark, MO


At Branson Landing


Ride the Ducks


SIX at the Mickey Gilley Theater, Branson, MO

Can You Tune My Guitar?

Dateline: Thursday, June 4

I was just reminiscing about my days growing up down in south Texas.

Bruce and Chuck

Bruce and Chuck

Overall, I think my parents did a good job in raising me and giving me standards of how to live and act on this earth. Our local church, First Baptist Church of Ingleside, TX, was instrumental also.

And then I think about school. You know, this is where you are with your friends, and others, for about 8 hours every day, five days a week for 9 months of the year. Sounds like a prison sentence. Well, sort of.

But, during the school hours, plus any extra-curricular activity you might be involved in like band, track, football, baseball, basketball, tennis, debate, drama, home economics, photography club, Spanish club, is where you really got to know people. You found out by spending time with them [even forced time at school] whether you like them, did not like them, wanted to hang out with them, wanted to avoid them,
wanted to date them, had a crush on them, or just
wanted to be an acquaintance.

Today I’ll share about some of my closest friends who I still cherish
to this day, even though we may not see each other for a space of
several years. Time and distance may separate us, but I still feel
close to them in my mind and my heart.

Now, hopefully, if I don’t talk about you in this list you are not
offended.  I’ll have more blogs and podcasts to explore the rest of
my high school friends and tell more stories.

The folk group H.I.S.

The folk group H.I.S.

First, I have to tell you a story.

I had taken piano lessons since I was about age 6 or 7. When I became a young teen my grandpa in Shreveport, LA gave me an acoustic guitar. It was an old Sears & Roebucks Spanish style guitar with
steel strings. No case. Just some guitar books and maybe some picks.

It stood in my room or in my closet. I didn’t know anything about a
guitar. Nothing. I wanted to. I loved The Beatles, Beach Boys, and
The Ventures, to name a few bands that had guitars. But, I still didn’t
learn the guitar.

One night I had this dream. In the dream I approached my friend
Doris George and asked her if she could tune my guitar. That was the

You see, Doris went to my school. She was a year younger than I.
And she also attended our church. I knew she played the guitar and
sang. Here is a pic of me and Doris at the Padre Staples Mall in
Corpus Christi.

Doris George and Chuck

Doris George and Chuck

So, following this dream, I woke up
the next morning and happened to be
sick. I mean I had the flu or a bad cold.
I was always getting colds and sinus
infections and missing a lot of school.

Well, being sick I stayed home from
school. I was probably 9th or 10th
grade when this occurred.

Probably after watching some TV I remembered
the dream that I had. I went and found my
guitar and the Mel Bay guitar book that my
grandpa had given me.

I opened up the book and in the first section it
showed me how to tune my guitar to a piano!

Fortunately, we had a piano that we had bought used from Dean Burleigh and family.
And, I knew enough about the piano after having taken lessons for 8 years or so that
I could understand what notes I needed to press to be able to tune this six string guitar.

Well, folks, I did it. And then I proceeded to learn the first Major chord called C.
The Mel Bay books had old black and white photographs to show you how to position
your fingers and form a chord. And they would show you how to strum to make
the chord sound.

That was the day I started learning to play the guitar. And it started because I
had a dream in the middle of the night.

If you are a spiritual person you would describe that as a spiritual dream. An “act
of God.”  If you are not spiritual you might say that it was just fate or a coincidence
that I had that dream about my friend, Doris.

Whatever you believe or don’t believe here is the bottom line:
I have been playing 556907_10150838903016400_346705580_n(1)guitar ever since that day. I have played it in bands, in church, in country clubs, all
around the United States from Lodi, California to Charlotte, NC.

Now, that’s a pretty cool story.
Thanks for being part of my journey.
Chuck Whetstone

Who In the World is Doing A Podcast?

This is my 11th podcast/blog. Eleven days in a row. My mentor,
Sam Crowley, of Everyday is Saturday, says consistent content
delivered in a timely fashion will help build your podcast listeners.

Speaking of Sam, [] on one day he SamCrowleyPod
recorded and published 10 podcasts. And guess what? I listened to them and was inspired and motivated. They were all of varying lengths, so not all of them were 20 minutes. But they were good, and he delivered a tremendous amount of content in one day!. Amazing. And the first two days of June he has already recorded 6 shows.

Sam has been doing this for 10 years.This ex-stutterer, college dropout, and bankrupt
businessman has downloads and subscribers
from around the world. That’s my goal, too.

So, I was wondering…

Who In the World is Doing A Podcast?

If you grew up watching “wrestling” on Saturday afternoons
you might remember Gorgeous George & Wahoo McDaniel.
And then a guy came along who was just as “glamorous” and full of “Wooooooooo!”

His name was Ric Flair.

RicFlairPodGuess what this 66 year old professional sports entertainer/wrestler is doing now?
You guessed it. He has his own podcast show!

His show page says,
Add a little Flair to your life by joining the Nature Boy every week as he talks pro wrestling, sports, tells stories like only he can, and interviews his celebrity friends. No topic is off limits for Flair during his weekly CBS podcast. Come join WOOOOO! Nation!

Who In the World is Doing A Podcast?

And what about a 50 year old retiree originally from Victoria, Texas? steveaustinunleashed300x300
Stone Cold Steve Austin is now talking every week on his own show.

Live from Hollywood, CA by way of the Broken Skull Ranch, Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer, Action Movie/TV star, Steve Austin lets loose on these no-holds barred, explicit versions of the program. Steve gets down and dirty with Hollywood celebrities, past wrestling buddies, present pros, MMA fighters, athletes, movie stuntmen and from time to time, you the working man (or woman).

Folks, there are podcast shows for every genre, every entertainment or information theme that you can think of.
One of the most popular is comedy man Mr. Adam Carolla.

pod-carollaSo, where am I going with this?

I wanted to do a podcast for over a year. And I finally did it. I started on
May 24, 2015. What held me back?

  • Fear of failure [fear of rejection]
  • Not enough knowledge of “How To” [so I joined Sam Crowley’s Podcast House]
  • Who am I? [low self esteem]
  • Not enough time [that is really a lie]

We all have things that will hold us back from our dreams or goals.
But, why do we let them?

Take a quick look at these different podcasters on this page. Go to iTunes
and look at all of the categories for shows and the “famous” names that you
recognize. They are not letting anything hold them back. And they are
using a wonderful communication tool called podcasting.

I am loving this. Who knew that I could talk into a microphone for
over 20 minutes at a time and not be boring? I really am shocked at
how long some of my podcasts are, because I did not plan for them
to run long. But, as I start recording and talking I get “into” the stories
and the songs and one thing leads to another.

Who In the World is Doing A Podcast?

Me. That’s who!  Thank you for joining me on my new adventure.
Chuck Whetstone

Ridin’ That Train in Van Buren

504-4Last Thursday Julie and I drove to Van Buren, AR and spent the night.
We had tickets to ride on the Arkansas & Missouri Railroad on Friday

We were to depart at 11:00, so we got there way too early at 10:30. What
were we thinking? A&M-44-VBN-AR-10-24-09-3

I went to the ticket office and the lady said, “Have they tried to contact you?”
I said, “No.” She proceeded to tell me that the tickets I purchased for the Dome Car would have to be adjusted because the Dome Car was not traveling today. So, she gave me a 2 for 1 ticket [a refund] and said we would be on car #107.

We strolled around the tiny museum. The train was late. Then they said everyone
in #107 would have to ride in #109 or vice versa. Anyway, we got bumped again.
We would still get the boxed lunch and soft drink, but now we were in the
Lounge Car.

109-2Don’t get me wrong. It was a nice car to be in. We had 35 souls on board not counting the staff. Oh, we finally left about an hour late.

As we went barreling down the tracks at 35 mph we saw lots of nice scenery. We went over the Frog Bayou many times. We rolled under I-49 several times. It was nice.

We heard interesting history and details on the towns along the way, many of which are really no longer there, or at least the train station is gone.

The train took us to Winslow and then they moved the engines to the other side of the cars and we made a quick dash back to Van Buren, only to be told we might be in a tornado watch when we got back. Oh fun…

They only had 1 bathroom on this train. Normally they would have more, but they would not let us onto the other cars that we were towing. They were all locked up they said. So, 35 plus staff had to share this one small bathroom.

I finally had to go. I held it as long as I could. I made my way back there and found it was very small. I’m not a small guy. So, I sat down to do my business. I put my phone on the lavatory counter. Then I noticed the open small window.  I could just see my phone flying out the window someplace in Arkansas!  So, I put it in my shirt pocket.

Folks, it was like riding a bronco. That train was vibrating and shaking and jerking just like a wild horse. I was trying to hold on and keep my wits about me!

Then, when I was finished I could not figure out how to flush the thing. It was like a toilet on a bus or airplane, but I could not find the lever.  I finally had to go out and ask a gentleman on the back row. Figured it out!

I made it back to my seat and we arrived in Van Buren to a rain storm and tornado watch. Wow. What a way to go, but we were Ridin’ That Train in Van Buren!

Make it a great day!
Chuck Whetstone

The One Thing

Julie and I traveled to Van Buren and Eureka Springs, AR over the weekend.
We did several things, like ride a train, stay in a hotel and a cabin,
get lost in Eureka Springs, visit the Crescent Hotel, eat at a variety of
places and ride the trolley.

Saturday night at the cabin I wanted to recor10502484_10153002303743378_2954238572480245994_nd my podcast called
Saturday at the Movies. I had already written the blog, but hadn’t
recorded the audio.

So, we sat on the back patio and I recorded myself. You can hear the
birds chirping in the background. It was pretty neat.

We came inside and I wanted to finish the recording by adding my
intro and outro music and sending it off to Blubrry for hosting.

BlubrryHeaderWell, I had trouble. It said it was uploading, but it never did.

So, working on my MacBook Pro I decided to download the recording software that I use at home on my Dell computer.

Audacity-logo-r_50pct_sq_whitebgAudacity is its name.

I couldn’t download it. I was
having trouble after trouble.

So, I said, forget this, at lease
I was able to post my blog for
Saturday. I would just add the
audio when I got back to OKC.

Sunday night I tried several things and was not successful with any.

Now, it’s Monday and I still don’t have Saturday at the Movies podcast
up and running. What am I to do.

I was blaming Blubrry, I was blaming my Mac, I was blaming Audacity.

I just never blamed myself.

To make a long story short, but a humorous one that you will want to
listen to the podcast today, the bottom line was there was ONE THING
I needed to do to have success with my audio podcast

I needed to change the name of the file!

Pretty simple. Right?

Well, learn with me today the value of The One Thing.

What is The One Thing you can change to have success in your life?
In your business? In your relationships? In your finances? In your diet?

Listen to my story and what I came to learn today.
Thank you. I’ll see you on tomorrow’s broadcast.
Chuck Whetstone