Chuck’s Favorite Things [Inspiration & Motivation]

Chuck’s Favorite Things [Inspiration & Motivation]

I was sitting in a Bible Class at church one night and my mind was
racing with some of my favorite things:

Music…Movies…Sports…Travel…Bible stories…Dreams…and More!

I jotted down a bunch of ideas that night and decided I needed to do a
Podcast on these subjects and share with others some of my Favorite Things.

One of my first thoughts was “Chuck, who really cares what your favorite things are?”

So, in the face of self-doubt I have finally [months later after the original inspiration]
begun recording my podcast called “Chuck’s Favorite Things.”

Chuck’s Favorite Things [Inspiration & Motivation]

You might be new to podcasting and wondering what I’m talking about. A podcast is
really an online radio show that you can listen to on your computer or download to
your iPad, iPod or smartphone and take with you to the gym, your car, or any
place you want. You’ll be able to keep up with the latest broadcasts with the RSS feed
on this web page. And you can go to iTunes and subscribe to keep them coming.

So, what are Chuck’s Favorite Things?

Chuck enjoying playing Easter Service, 2015

Chuck enjoying playing Easter Service, 2015

Well, I have to talk about all things Music – because music has been such a part of my life since I was a youngster singing in church. I’ll be sharing in the daily podcasts how I got my love for music, my favorite songs, instruments, bands, solo artists, instrumentals, genres and more.  I’ll even pull out my guitar or keyboard and sing you some of my favorite hymns, folk songs, and originals for you to enjoy.

And the main thing I want to convey to you in these daily podcasts and blogs is to inspire you with some of the things that have blessed my life and motivate you to examine and remember some of your favorite things.

I’ll be sharing with you some memories of music, ministry, my favorite movies [I love old black & white films from the 30s – 60s], interesting places I have traveled to, and much, much more.  I promise to deliver you quality entertainment that will make you smile, maybe make you cry, help you feel patriotic, and
hopefully give you insight into the mind and life of a musician
who has been on a wonderful journey.

Now, I just need you to SUBSCRIBE [look for the button], SHARE with others, leave me
a 5 Star Rating on iTunes, and keep listening.  It’s gonna be fun. Let’s do it together.

Looking forward to launching Chuck’s Favorite Things today.  Thank you for joining me.
Chuck Whetstone



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