Father’s Day – Let’s Honor Our Fathers

Father’s Day – Let’s Honor Our Fathers

June 21, 2015

Because of the way human beings
are made, we can only have one
biological father.
But many people on this planet
don’t know their birth father, or
have been separated
from him for whatever reason.
These have most likely found a
“father” in someone
else…a friend, an uncle, a mother,
a step-dad, a grandfather.

 Let’s Honor Our Fathers – It’s Father’s Day!

I was blessed to have a good father in my
life. He worked hard to provide for his
little family. Mom never had to work. Dad
provided everything we needed. We were
never rich but we never went without.

I have thought about my father
quite a bit since he’s passed away.
Let me share a few personal stories
about my hero, My Dad!

My dad, Charlie, came from humble
beginnings in Arkansas. He hitchhiked
his way to the big city of Shreveport with
just 50 cents to his name.

He found work. Fell in love with my
mother. Got called into the Army/Air Force
and went to war after being married about
a week.

His B-17 was shot down over Germany and
he was a POW for 18 months.

After the war he worked in Shreveport and
my sister was born. Later on I came along
and he got hired by Sun Ray DX Oil Co and
moved us to Texas.


We ended up on the Gulf Coast in a small
town called Ingleside. In the photo you can
see my dad working at one of his pumps
in the Bay.

My dad had completed high school. But
as an adult he kept learning by reading
books and attending seminars and
classes to better himself.

I remember him taking several college
courses to learn real estate and air conditioning.
He also took the Dale Carnegie course on
public speaking and was a member of their
monthly speakers club.

After he retired he bought himself a small
electronic keyboard and learned to play
music! He and my mom would go to
nursing homes and set up the keyboard
and karaoke machine and sing to the

A life-long learner he was always reading
books, working on his genealogy, and
going to POW meetings with his friends.
He also bought a computer and learned
how to send emails to me and his friends.
And also how to call me to see if I could
fix his computer.
In his 70s he and mom even relocated
after having lived in south Texas for
so many years. I still find that amazing.

My Dad – my Hero. He worked hard
for the oil company. He led the music
when he was available at our church.
He inspired me and provided a musical
education for me and my sister. He even
challenged me to write a song in a
particular style.  I did. I think he loved it.
He set personal goals and he met them.
He didn’t do everything right, but he
tried. More times than not, when he was
mad or angry, it wasn’t at you or someone
else, it was himself.

Eight years ago he suffered a stroke and
we spent his last week on this earth with
him at the VA hospital in Memphis. He
tried to recover. He tried to communicate.
His heart and body finally gave up. He
passed away on Mother’s Day. They played
“Taps” a few days later as we laid him to rest.

I still miss him. I miss being able to ask
him questions. He always knew the right
answer even if I didn’t like to hear it.

Father’s Day – Let’s Honor Our Fathers

by Chuck Whetstone

I am one, You may be one, too
A Father of many or a father of few
It was scary being 24 with a brand new baby boy
Responsibilities and obligations
“You’re not in high school anymore”
Two years later another change in my world
My wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl
Don’t forget the homemade “slip-n-slide”
Or picnics at the park
And don’t forget the bedtime prayers and
Who fell asleep in your arms
The trips to the mountains or swimming at the Y
Remember all the “shows” put on
And even the hurts that made them cry
I’m older now, You may be, too
A Father of many or a father of few
My advice to those who go by “Dad”
Always tell them “I love You!”
And cherish the moments you had
Copyright 2015, Charles L. Whetstone, All Rights Reserved


Father’s Day Worship Team for Fresh Start Community Church 2013 – Father/Son/Daughter Team

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