Florence Foster Jenkins – A Review

Florence Foster Jenkins – A Review

Julie said, “I’d like to go see this movie.”  I had no idea what the title was or what it was about. So we went with our friends, Ken and Ann, to the Warren Theater in Moore, OK. We chose The Director Suite. It is the ultimate in the movie watching experience. Heated reclining seats, push button service, your meal brought to you, and an intimate room (only about 40 seats) with a great screen and sound system.

Meryl Streep was wonderful in this 110 minute cinematic release. She portrays a wealthy socialite named Florence Foster Jenkins. Meryl is amazing, as she is in most of her films.

Florence_Foster_Jenkins_(film)Also in this movie based on true events is Hugh Grant who plays St. Clair Bayfield, devoted husband of Florence Foster Jenkins.

A third and important co-star is Simon Helberg (The Big Bang Theory) who plays pianist Cosme McMoon.

Being a musician I love to hear good stories involving artists, bands, songs, tours, concerts, and instruments. I have never heard of this woman, but her story, as portrayed by Ms. Streep, was very refreshing.

Florence Foster Jenkins – A Review

In this movie, Streep plays an older Jenkins who is married to a younger husband. They have a unique marriage due to her illness. He has his own apartment and girlfriend.

But, all in all, you see that Mr. Bayfield really loved Jenkins. Not for her money, but for who she was. There was great tenderness and care shown by Hugh Grant and Meryl Streep. I would say this movie was a brief glimpse into a real love story.

Apparently, Jenkins loved to entertain and sing even though she knew she wouldn’t be a real star. She was injured and couldn’t play the piano as she wanted. She was living with a disease. But, with all her setbacks she pursued her dream of singing opera for her friends and the public. She even gave a sold out performance at Carnegie Hall in October, 1944.

1944_FF Jenkins-3Jenkins did not have that great of voice, but having money afforded her the privilege of friendships with famous musicians. She had private vocal lessons from the best in New York. She hired McMoon to be her personal pianist for lessons, rehearsals, and performances. She was a patron of the arts.

Florence Foster Jenkins – A Review

According to IMDB.com this movie was filmed in England, but you would think you were looking at the streets of New York.

One of my favorite scenes is when Jenkins went to McMoon’s apartment. They end up playing Chopin’s Prelude In E Minor, Op.28, No.4.  Simon Helberg and Meryl Streep actually played this together.

It has been reported that Helberg and Streep played and sang all the songs featuring piano and voice.

I highly recommend you see this film.



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  1. Hi Pastor Chuck!
    I had thought about going to this movie, but had not made up my mind.
    You convinced me that I should go. Meryl Streep is always a phenomenal actor. Thank you! I always watch the credits, too!
    Your “old” friend,

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