God’s Way is Best

God’s Way is Best

I first became acquainted with the lyrics of Charles W Naylor when I went to Gulf Coast Bible College in Houston, Texas.

We sang some of his hymns in chapel. I really loved “I Am the Lord’s.”

God’s Way is Best

I have had a fond appreciation for the old songs, I guess because I grew up singing “At the Cross” and “Jordan’s Stormy Banks” as a child.

So, when I was looking for some great lyrics I started turning to the old songs of the Church. What I found was a treasure. Men and women who were on the same journey with me, except during a different time period.

They had the same questions, trials, and problems I did, but perhaps in a different way. Nonetheless, I could identify with their suffering, their thirst, their questioning, and their waiting.

God’s Way is Best is a hymn that I will cherish because the lyrics were ME! I added modern music to these wonderful words sometime during the 1980s. Please enjoy this recording of God’s Way is Best from my 1986 recording, Wait For You.

God’s Way is Best

God’s Way is Best
Lyrics by Charles W. Naylor, 1904
Music by Chuck Whetstone, 1985?

  1. God’s way is best; if human wisdom
    A fairer way may seem to show,
    ’Tis only that our earth-dimmed vision
    The truth can never clearly know.

    • Refrain:
      God’s way is best, I will not murmur,
      Although the end I may not see;
      Where’er He leads I’ll meekly follow,
      God’s way is best, is best for me.
  2. Had I the choosing of my pathway,
    In blindness I should go astray,
    And wander far away in darkness,
    Nor reach that land of endless day.
  3. He leadeth true; I will not question,
    Though through the valley I shall go;
    Though I should pass through clouds of trial,
    And drink the cup of human woe.
  4. God’s way is best; heart, cease thy struggling
    To see and know and understand;
    Forsake thy fears and doubts, but trusting,
    Submit thyself into His hand.
  5. Thy way is best, so lead me onward,
    My all I give to Thy control;
    Thy loving hand will truly guide me,
    And safe to glory bring my soul.

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