Hand Raising in Church

Hand Raising in Church


Yesterday morning I was at St. Andrews United Methodist Church in OKC. It is my “home base” when I am not traveling. I have a great time playing music with a great team led by Shain Baldwin.

I usually invite the congregation at the Traditional Service (at 8:15) to stand and sing the first couple of songs. I try to have an encouraging remark that will act as a “Call to Worship.”

I had been thinking about one of my favorite scriptures and also one of the songs we were going to sing that morning.

I thought about God asking Moses, “What is in your hand?”

Well, the answer was his staff. Moses had a staff because he was a shepherd. He used that staff to lead the sheep, to keep them in line, to protect the sheep, the help him walk over rocky terrain, and more.

I told the people some of that and said “What is in your hand as you worship today?”

I proposed that they could use their hands to praise God, to worship God, and to testify. So, I quickly challenged them to lift a hand if they heard something in the service that was helpful, or that they identified with (like a way of testifying).

We proceeded to sing the first song and the service was started. All of my talking took less than 30 seconds.

Since there are three services at St. Andrews UMC, I leave the sanctuary following the music part of the service.  I then attend the preaching part of the service with my wife at the last service.

In the last service I heard our pastor, DA Bennett, talk about a greeting card that someone had given him that depicted several ways for church people to raise their hands. It was quite funny as he described the different versions of lifting hands.  I had no idea he was going to talk about this. Amazing.


Hand Raising in Church

Jon Acuff wrote a great blog talking about the different ways people raise their hands in church.

Please check this out: Hand Raising Worship – The 10 Styles

Hand Raising in Church

Our pastor also mentioned a video by funny man Tim Hawkins. He is hilarious. Let this video clip make you laugh today.



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  1. This was great Pastor Chuck! Loved the video by Tim Hawkins!
    Also, the 10 Styles! I guess I am only a half and half. Blessings!

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