I No Longer Sing the Blues

I No Longer Sing the Blues

Today is Soulful Sunday and I have a
song for you that I wrote and love to
sing and play. It’s called
I No Longer Sing the Blues.


I wanted to write a song about my
musical influences. So, I name them
in this song. There is also a short
tribute to the band Chicago as I play
the main riff from “Saturday in the Park.”

The song is based on a 12 bar blues pattern.
I love the walking bass part and my piano
solo is pretty cool, too.

The Players:
Chuck Bingham – bass
Aaron Whetstone – drums
Chuck Whetstone – piano/organ/vocals
Jerry Mathews – bass ending riff

I No Longer Sing the Blues

I No Longer Sing the Blues
Words & Music by Chuck Whetstone

Well, all my life I’ve been playing some kind of music
I was raised on Elvis, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis
Ricky Nelson, Buddy Holly, Bill Haley & The Comets

The Beatles came along and sang about Sgt. Pepper
Here, There, and Everywhere, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
The Boys from Britain were right I was a real Nowhere Man

I’ve been north and south, east and west playing music
I’ve been in nightclubs, country clubs, coliseums and convention centers
One time I even played on Saturday in the Park

I like ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Molly Hatchet
Elton John, Johnny Rivers, Leon Russell and Bob Dylan
And just like the song he wrote says
Your Gonna Have to Serve Somebody

So, in 1969 I gave my heart to Jesus
Now my music and my life are more on the Rock than ever
The beat might sound the same but I no longer sing the blues

For the rest of my life I’m gonna sing for Jesus
You see I’m trusting and obeying,
this world is not swaying me no more, no more, no more
My life’s built on the Rock
My name’s up on the Roll
I hung up my blue suede shoes
And I no longer sing the blues
Copyright 1999, Charles L. Whetstone, All Rights Reserved


Photo by Jeff Dreesen. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

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