If It’s to Be It’s Up to Me

AM55_Fall_Retreat_2015If It’s to Be It’s Up to Me

I wanted to tell you about an event, a retreat for senior citizens, that I will help lead in September.

But, more importantly, I want to share the message that is the theme of the retreat:

If It’s to Be It’s Up to Me

If It’s to Be It’s Up to Me

We are challenging the senior citizens of Oklahoma to put away excuses like age, time, and talent and say with full assurance, “I’m going to do something.”

We believe that seniors and anyone can decide to take action in their life. They don’t have to wait for someone else. They can start where they are and do something.

In this modern age if you have a problem or need help all you have to do is “Google” it. In fact, on at least two occasions I’ve done that and ended up watching videos on how to fix my washer and dryer. Now, there are some projects that I won’t touch, but these two were within my grasp. Basically, you can learn almost anything online from how to play the guitar and piano to putting together a podcast and blog.  I had to watch a video about WordPress to make sure that I understood what I was doing.

If It’s to Be It’s Up to Me

This retreat is coming up quickly and we’ve sent out the fliers hoping to have a good attendance this year. We always have fun. We enjoy our fellowship together. We love the food and snacks. The entertainment is wonderful. We have a Talent Show and Auction. The messages are great. Plus we play games, sing songs, take walks and get a little sleep. Even a nap or two.

I know those who come will be inspired. We’re going to have people share about what ministries they are doing at their local church and communities. Some sing in choirs, some visit nursing homes, and some lead GriefShare groups. We are also going to have a brief seminar on Thriving As A Senior. It will be a hands-on time where we talk about resources for seniors that will help them physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually.

We want them to leave the retreat equipped a little better to face life in their Golden years. We hope to show them some basic exercises that will build strength and balance. We would like to plan their funeral and not leave it to someone else. You may laugh, but, so many people never let their wishes be known about what they would like in their funeral service. So, we will encourage them to think about songs, Bible verses, poems, etc. to be selected.

The bottom line – we want them to say “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”

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