Inferno Starring Tom Hanks – A Movie Review

Inferno Starring Tom Hanks – A Movie Review


The Place: Warren Theater in Moore, OK
The Date: Halloween, 2016
Those involved: Chuck, Julie, Ken, Ann
What: The Ron Howard film Inferno, starring Tom Hanks (121 min)

Brief Synopsis

Professor Robert Langdon wakes up in an Italian hospital. With the assistance of Dr. Sienna Brooks they travel across Europe trying to stop the release of a deadly plague that can infect 95% of the world’s population in 4 days, killing billions of people.

Professor Langdon finds in his possession a device that when shaken shines an image on the wall. The image depicts Dante’s description of hell, hence the name Inferno. See Dante Alighieri


Thus begins an action packed story that will keep you guessing and maybe squirming in your chair.

The film is rated PG-13. The images seen in Langdon’s visions may be disturbing to some people. There is limited use of 4 letter words, but once again, Hollywood doesn’t always enhance the plot when they are used.


Inferno Starring Tom Hanks – A Movie Review

Directed by Ron Howard
Music by Hans Zimmer
The Cast:

Robert Langdon played by Tom Hanks (Sully, Angels & Demons, The DaVinci Code, A Hologram for the King, Bridge of Spies, Castaway, The Green Mile, Toy Story)
Sienna Brooks played by Felicity Jones (The Theory of Everything, The Amazing Spider Man -2)
Bouchard played by Omar Sy (Jurassic World, X-Men, )
Sims played by Irrfan Khan (Jurassic World, Life of Pi, Slumdog Millionaire)
Elizabeth Sinskey played by Sidse Babett Knudsen ( HBO’s Westworld, A Hologram for the King)
Vayentha played by Ana Ularu
Marta played by Ida Darvish
Zertrand Zobrist played by Ben Foster (The Finest Hours, Lone Survivor, 3:10 to Yuma, X-Men)


Inferno Starring Tom Hanks – A Movie Review

This is the third film from Dan Brown’s writings. Tom Hanks and Ron Howard teamed up for each one.




Inferno Starring Tom Hanks – A Movie Review — 1 Comment

  1. Hi Pastor Chuck!
    I went to see Inferno last Friday when it came out. I really enjoyed the movie–especially all the beautiful places they traveled to.
    Tom Hanks is a great actor. Enjoyed the movie so much. You had to keep up with the plot.

    I also love to go to the Warren. It reminds me of the great movie palaces that were in Oklahoma City. There were some beautiful theaters back then. With love, Janice

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