It’s Time to Start and Stop PT 2

It’s Time to Start and Stop PT 2


I found a great review of the book by Matthew E. May. Here is an excerpt.

Just Start gives us 10 solid reasons why action, the cornerstone of Creaction, trumps prediction when the future can’t be known with much certainty.

  1. If you act, you will find out what works and what doesn’t.
  2. If you never act, you will never know what is possible and what is not. You may think you know, but you won’t be able to point to anything concrete to prove you are right.
  3. If you act, you will find out if you like it or not…with “it” being whatever the new action is.
  4. Acting leads to a market reaction, which could point you in another direction. (You want to open a restaurant. Taking a small step toward that goal, you cater a community event to try out your recipes and discover firsthand what the food service business is like. People rave about your food. But you discover you like the cooking part and hate all the rest: talking to people, dealing with the details of planning and organization. Your action caused a market reaction, and has convinced you to go into exclusive catering and hire someone to deal with the clients and logistics.)
  5. As you act, you can find people to come along with you. (You click with the person handling your account at the food wholesaler, and she is now your partner and runs the day-to-day operations of your catering business.)
  6. As you act, you can find ways to do things faster, cheaper, better. (You discover you can prepare the chicken parmesan everyone loves in six steps instead of twelve.)
  7. If you act, you won’t spend the rest of your life thinking, l wonder what would have happened if____.
  8. If all you do is think, you may end up being less interesting as a person. Who would you rather sit next to on a plane, someone who started a successful rock-climbing store (or even an unsuccessful one) or someone who only thought about it?
  9. If all you ever do is think about stuff, you can gain tons of theoretical knowledge, but none of it from the real world. “You become like that woman in the fable who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing. In other words, if all you ever do is think…all you do is think,” the authors write.
  10. Action always leads to evidence, facts upon which you can make a decision. You act, therefore something changes, and in observing that reaction, you gain knowledge. Thinking doesn’t lead to proof. It just leads to more thinking.

And as Just Start rightly points out, “If you act, you know what is real. You always want to know what’s real.”

For all these reasons, action trumps everything when the future is highly uncertain. So whatever you’re thinking about, stop. Act now, or forever wonder, what if.

What do you need to Start in 2016? Whatever it is it will take Action!

Here is one thing I’d like you, and me, to STOP in 2016:

Stop being so hard on yourself.

Quit beating yourself up when you mess up. If you blow your goal or your resolution just start over. I know from experience there is way too much negative self talk in this world. Examine yourself. When you do something at your house and no one is around, something like misplacing your keys or dropping something in the kitchen, or breaking something. Do you speak to yourself using words like

C’mon Stupid. You’re crazy. What were you thinking? Loser. What’s the matter with you? You dumb ox. You’ll never be able to…

If you are using words and phrases like that to yourself then – Stop it! If other people love you, if the God of the universe says He love you, then you need to start loving yourself. Growing is a process. Maturing takes time. Changing bad habits into new ones is not done overnight. Take it easy on YOU and start loving yourself. There is no one else like you. Be the best you that you can be.

I love this clip of Bob Newhart and Mo Collins from MadTV. Stop It!

It’s Time to Start and Stop PT 2

And more random things I could talk about:

Take a ride in the country. Stay off Facebook for awhile. Get away from all electronic devices at least 30 minutes before you go to bed. Get off sodas – yes, even the diet ones. Cut back on your sugar intake. Find an online course to take. Or go to your local Community College and take a class. Go to a painting class with a friend. Clean out your closet and get rid of some of the old things that remind you of the past. Buy some flowers for yourself or someone else. Give away some of your books you’ve already read. Give more to your church or charity. Don’t have money? Give your time as a volunteer. Make more money so you can give more. Start a new hobby.

It’s Time to Start and Stop PT 2

Whatever you do in 2016 I know it will take some effort to Start some things and to Stop some things. May you have the BEST New Year possible! You deserve it! Believe it.



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