Masquerade – The Lost Tapes Project

Masquerade – The Lost Tapes Project

My podcast tells a much more in-depth story about how this song was written. Enjoy.


The Lost Tapes Project – What is it?

It is several cassette tapes that I have been carrying around since the early 90s that contain songs that I have recorded in a demo fashion, or perhaps as part of a church service.

Today’s find is called Masquerade.

It was recorded during a church service, or at least it sounds that way. Most likely at Chimney Lane Church of God [later called Chimney Lane Christ Fellowship] in Asheboro, NC.

Masquerade – The Lost Tapes Project

There have been several songs with the title of Masquerade.

I remember writing this song. It was in May of 1984.

I had gotten really sick one weekend and ended up in the hospital on Monday. No one really said what I had, except it could have been pneumonia. But, I was also examined for Legionnaires Disease or Tick Fever. Again, they weren’t sure.

So, they put me in isolation just to be sure. LOL.

I was in the old hospital in Asheboro, NC. They put me in the room on the 2nd floor right above the entrance and the business office.

It was a nice, older room with lots of room, I believe it had two beds in it, but I was in isolation with no one to share it with.

I was on an IV for 7 days, but I could take it to the restroom with me.

I was pretty bored. Not sure I had TV. Back then you had to pay like $2.50 per day to watch TV!

I finally talked Julie into bringing my guitar to me so I could play some. It was interesting with an IV, but I did it.

I wrote or started writing 2-3 songs while I was in there.  Masquerade is one of them.

Masquerade – The Lost Tapes Project

Masquerade (May, 1984)
Words & Music by Chuck Whetstone

Lamp by my bed. Pillow underneath my head.
I’ve got an easy life. No one bothers me.

Wife by my side. In this castle I can hide.
I’ve got an easy life. No one bothers me. But am I free?

Free to be what I was born to be
Free to be everything a man should be
To his wife and family. Or am I caught up in a masquerade?

Shoes on my feet. Pantry full of food to eat.
I’ve got an easy life. No one bothers me. But am I free?

Free to live not knowing poverty.
Free to shut the door on people calling me,
To my wife and family. While I’m still caught up in a masquerade.

So I’ll play the game. Protected by this mask I wear.
I’ve got a selfish life. I hope no one can see.

What will I do? How long can I ignore the truth?
I’ve got a hard, hard heart when nothing bothers me.
I know I’m not free.

Free to serve the people no one else can serve.
Free to love the men and women boys and girls
Who are scattered on the earth, But I’m still caught up in a masquerade.

O Lord, here I am. I need a heart transplant.
Take away this easy life. O Lord, please bother me.

Jesus I am yours. My masquerade is over now.
I want to lose my life…For the Russians and Chinese
For the Germans, West and East
For the Poles and the Swedes
For Arabs and Israelis
I want to lose my life so others might can see
How you set me…Free!

©2015, Charles L Whetstone. All Rights Reserved.


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