Murphy’s Law Gets Revenge

Murphy’s Law Gets Revenge

carriagegenieMurphy strikes again! What should have been a quick 20 minute [at the most] replacement of the carriage for my Genie garage door opener turned into 2 hours. The video on youtube said the old one would slide off the end after you took out the bolts, etc. Not mine. Had to take the motor off the ceiling.

Let’s back up. Friday our garage door started acting up. Actually, I had been needing to lubricate it [the gear in the opener] but I’ve been putting it off. We planned on getting a new door anyway after our new roof gets installed.

But Friday it made a terrible noise and on the way down it just fell the last foot or so. We had to manually lift the door to get her Sable out.

Murphy’s Law Gets Revenge

Julie and I decided to go eat a late lunch and make a trip to our friendly garage door company. We talked to Pam and she showed us different styles. We selected style and color and was ready to go. Then she said we should wait until the roof is finished to avoid possible dents and damage. Sounded good. But, that didn’t help our immediate problem of getting in and out of the garage.

She asked if we had a Genie and I said I thought so. She showed us the carriage in the photo above and I said that was the one. She was going to sell it to us for $30 but after we ordered our door, hardware and new opener she decided to throw it in along with an external keypad.

Her question to me was, “Are you mechanical?” Meaning, can you use a wrench and screwdriver and hammer if needed? I said I could do it. Julie wasn’t so sure.

Murphy’s Law Gets Revenge

So, while Julie went shopping on Saturday I started on this project of replacing the carriage on our garage door opener. First, as I said in a recent podcast, I went to Google and did a search. I found a few videos on YouTube and watched them. Looked pretty easy to me.

And then Mr. Murphy and his laws of frustration showed up.

To work on this garage door you have to have the door down! Hey, it was August 1 in Oklahoma! I had on shorts and a t-shirt. It was hot in there. I did turn on a fan, but it didn’t help much.

I did exactly as the video demonstration showed me. I loosened the bolts at the end of the rail and was trying to slide the old carriage off. Guess what? I didn’t have enough room. I needed another 3 inches or so. I tried bending the rail to the left and right, but it would only move so far.

Murphy kept me busy.

I was going up and down then 6 foot ladder so many times. I got grease on my hands from the old unit and you know what that means:

Murphy’s Law states that if you have grease on your hands your nose, shoulder or back will always start to itch.

After an hour I took off my t-shirt and was able to prop the side door of the garage open. To my chagrin I finally figured out the only way to get the extra 2-3 inches clearance to slide this old carriage off was to remove the motor of the garage opener from the ceiling. It was attached to two metal straps coming out of the ceiling along with 2 bolts. I found a small bungee cord and supported the motor so it wouldn’t fall too far.

I loosened those two bolts and “voila” the motor came down and rested on the bungee cord. This allowed me to move the other end of the rail and slide off the old unit. I then applied grease to the new carriage, slid it on, put the motor back up, tightened all necessary bolts, cleaned up and tried it out.

It worked! And it is much quieter than before.  This should last us until the new garage door and opener appears later this month.

So, Murphy showed up and got a little revenge on me. I don’t mind. I learned that I could do it no matter how hot it was. And on top of all that Julie was impressed. I can still surprise her after 41 years of marriage. Wow.

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