My First Group

My First Group


HIS at Padre Staples Mall, Corpus Christi, TX

Let me restate that. It wasn’t MY group. It was our group. But, it was the first group that I was a part of besides the high school band.

I’m not even sure how we got started. It was in the early 70s, I know that. But, I’ll have to confer with Robert, Bruce, or Gary. I think a bunch of friends from church decided to get together and start singing.

Thus, H.I.S. was born.

H.I.S. stood for He Is Savior. We were all a bunch of guys from First Baptist Church in Ingleside, TX trying to find our way through the teenage years. We had some two things working for us:

  1. We were all friends
  2. We all loved music

Seven of us! At a Baptist church in Three Rivers, TX

In this picture above we had 7 members. Six of us were in the Ingleside Mustang Band from IHS. Robert loved music and could sing as well, but he wasn’t in the high school band. The members in this photo include from left to right: Zaragoza Gonzalez, Robert Perry, Mark Burliegh, Gary Jennings, Chuck Whetstone, Steve Talley, and Bruce Freudenrich.

We started playing occasionally at First Baptist doing a “special” in the morning or evening service. Then we got a little more recognition and were asked to sing at other places around the Coastal Bend area.

My First Group


Five of us – First Baptist Church, Ingleside, TX

The folk group H.I.S.

The folk group H.I.S.

Our last incarnation was as you see above. The photo was taken in Mathis, TX, I believe. Just four of us. The members included:

  • Robert Perry, lead vocals
  • Mark Burleigh, bass vocals
  • Bruce Freudenrich, guitar/bass/vocals
  • Chuck Whetstone, guitar/piano/vocals

My First Group


Me and Bruce Freudenrich in my garage.

1798668_10151853124976400_2001276371_nWe ended up as a folk group with no drums. We were happy with the sound. We sang songs that we learned from others and also wrote and arranged our own songs. Bruce and I would take old hymns and change the melody and chords, but using the old lyrics. I believe Mark even wrote a song and sang it.

Some of the songs we wrote included Will Jesus Find Us Watching by Chuck [using the lyrics of a hymn], Last Day-First Day by Bruce, and Medley by Chuck & Bruce.

HIS Concert Flier

Concert Poster July 29, 1972

Look at that handmade concert flier that I did. I tried to make the C like the logo that the band Chicago used. I can’t believe we started that late on a Saturday night. No wonder not that many people showed up. Other places we played included FBC, Flour Bluff, TX on October 24, 1971.

We enjoyed each other, even though at times we fought like brothers.

In the fall of 1972 I entered college and was working at a music store in Corpus Christi. We kept singing less and less. After all these years, I still love these guys and have fond memories of our time together in my first group.

HIS Songlist  HIS 1972 Schedule

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HIS 1973 Schedule Cont


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