Never Do It Alone

Never Do It Alone



Don’t do everything yourself.

John C. Maxwell says, “Never do ministry alone.”

But, so many church leaders that I know do this. I’ve seen it over and over again.
They will go on a hospital visit to see a dear church member. They talk and share and pray and then they leave.

What if you took one of your staff members or a volunteer and show them how to conduct a Hospital Visit. And then once they are finished with their “training” you invite them to participate in the calls you do for those in the hospitals, rest homes, and at home.  Never do it alone!

Need some work done around the church facility?  I’ve seen so many pastors, especially of smaller churches, feel that they have to clean the restrooms, or change the light bulbs or you name it.  I’ve been guilty myself.

But, what if you called someone to assist you when you are doing a small remodel? Or to make sure all the toilets are flushing properly? Or cut the lawn, or set up for a wedding, etc.

Yes, we as pastors must lead by example, but you can’t do everything by yourself.  Never do it alone!

Never Do It Alone

More practical ways to Never Do It Alone:

  1. Many Pastors preach a sermon “series.”  Some of these series last 4-6 weeks or longer. That means a Pastor may plan up to 10-12 series per year.  Why not put together a Series Planning Team?  I would suggest you invite 4-5 members of the congregation and staff to join you in working on your series. You can even have someone from the Student Ministries that is still in high school. What do you think that would do to their self esteem for the Pastor to invite them to help plan his sermons. Pick different age groups, skills, and gifts. Of course, you know what God is saying to you. But, this Team can be used to “bounce” ideas around. They can give you input on images to use, videos that may be helpful, song ideas for the worship team, and more.
  2. If you teach a Sunday School class or a Bible Study in addition to your preaching duties please have someone assist you. For example, I’ve seen Pastors who does the greeting, takes the prayer requests and praises, does the praying, and then spends another 30 minutes teaching a lesson or Wednesday night class. I know you love your people and they love you. But, you don’t have to do it all by yourself. It’s a little old fashioned, but it is very effective to have a “chairperson” who welcomes, does prayer requests, prays, and takes care of the announcements. That will help save your voice and your energy. You’ll also be using a valuable person in your congregation to help their Pastor. And, you can even rotate a different person each month, or every quarter. That would be using 4 -12 people in your teaching ministry each year. That would be awesome.

Never Do It Alone

Whatever you do in ministry – Never Do it Alone!


  • Jesus had Peter, James and John
  • Jesus had The Twelve
  • James could count on John
  • Paul had Silas and Barnabas
  • Peter had John and Andrew
  • Mary had Martha and Lazarus
  • Billy Graham had George Beverly Shea and Cliff Barrows

Never do it alone!


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