Never Do It Alone PT2

Never Do It Alone PT2


I feel like in the modern church, or at least the ones that I’ve been involved in during the last 25 years, that we are not letting our people be part of the worship service. Especially with the advent of modern worship music most churches pattern themselves after the Passion events or the concerts/worship services of Hillsong, Bethel, and Jesus Culture.

The congregation has become the audience. They are not expected to do much, but to come in, stand for 20 or more minutes (I’m guilty of having had my congregation do this. Sorry, Fresh Start), sing, clap, raise their hands, give money for the offering, bow their heads in prayer, and listen to a sermon that has 3 – 10 points projected on a screen and then go home or to lunch.  You just had “church.”

If you are the Pastor or the Worship Leader you have in mind what you want to see accomplished in any given worship service. And sometimes it’s easier to just do it yourself. You do all the announcements.  You do the Welcome. You do all the praying (this one really bothers me.) You do most of the preaching on the 52 Sundays.

Never Do It Alone PT2

But, don’t! Never Do It Alone!

Use your Team, use your Staff, use your congregation. Never do it alone!

Yes, every church uses volunteers to be ushers, greeters, teachers, nursery workers and more. These are valuable people who should be nurtured, taught, and encouraged as they give of their time and talent each week.

I want to talk about what happens in the Worship Service that everyone attends. And I’m coming from my perspective of 39+ years doing ministry in evangelical Christian churches. It doesn’t matter the style of worship, whether it is contemporary or modern or blended.

Yes, we have paid professional clergy men and women who “run” our churches. They are called of God to be Shepherds, pastors, teachers, and more. But, let’s remember that

Worship is not a spectator sport. You have to get involved.

So, let’s look at a few ways to involve the congregation during the worship service.

  1. Announcements – if you are doing them “live” have a confident person present the top 3 things you want your people to know for that week. Most likely you also have a bulletin that you have passed out to the people as they came in. You probably have a church website.  You also probably use social medial like Facebook to communicate each week.  Then, why would you spend so much time doing “live” announcements. Encourage your people to take advantage of what is already provided for them. Then you should structure your announcement time to feature your most important things you’d like the congregation to hear – upcoming baptism, new small groups starting, community outreach, etc.  Don’t spend your valuable announcement time giving information about fund raisers, trips, work days, or game nights. Oh, lastly, whoever does the announcements needs to be prepared, practiced up, and polished. No time for rambling or chasing rabbits. Have them keep to the script. VIDEO – You may consider, if you have good cameras and technology, to video the person ahead of time using a good camera, mic, and maybe even a green screen. That way you can edit out any problems and create a seamless presentation. Oh, and please don’t let anyone give you a hand written announcement 5 minutes before you go into the worship time. People need to learn to be thoughtful and that there is a process for giving out information. You may have to teach them, but it can be done, even in smaller churches.
    Remember this quote from me:

People don’t come to church to hear the announcements.

Never Do It Alone PT2

In tomorrow’s podcast/blog we’ll continue with the idea of utilizing your congregational members during the worship service.

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