New Monday, New Month, New Ambition, New Projects…That’s a Lot of NEW!

New Monday, New Month, New Ambition,
New Projects…That’s a Lot of NEW!

You may ask…Chuck, where have you been?


I’ve not recorded a podcast or written a blog since January 2, 2016. I know that’s only 6 weeks or so, but I’ve not been able to do one.

This new found freedom of being “retired” has a lot of hurdles to go with it. Oh, and I’m just retired from being a local pastor. I’m still in the work force. I’m still helping various churches out with their music needs on Sundays. I’ve been playing at the Skirvin Hotel in OKC. And I’m doing several special occasions this month, including singing/speaking for the Senior Adults at Pryor First Church of God, OK. I’m also providing background music for a fund raiser at Oak Tree Country Club. In addition to that I’ll be part of a band providing music for a youth convention in OKC and also traveling to Elk City to lead worship as my friend, Kenny Adams speaks.

But you may wonder…what happened for those six weeks?

New Monday, New Month, New Ambition,
New Projects…That’s a Lot of NEW!

I took some time to think about and consider some of the things I was doing. And to be honest, doing a podcast and blog everyday is exhausting.

I found myself doing things without much passion. It became a chore. And, frankly, sometimes if you don’t have anything to say you shouldn’t say it. Fresh, creative content was not always there, even though I enjoyed sharing about my POW father in October, and the 25 Day of Christmas Movies.

At other times I was just forcing stuff out. So, I decided to cut back.

My new goal would be to give you something meaningful and creative 1-3 times a weeks. But they would come out of the overflow of who I am and what I am doing. When I take your time that you have chosen to listen to me, I want it to be valuable to you.

I’ll still talk about the movies I see on TV and at the Theater.  I’ll still bring up leadership ideas. I’ll still be ranting from time to time on various subjects. And I’ll keep you up to date when Julie and I travel to a new hotel or area of the country.

I’m also going to make a concerted effort to keep my podcast at maximum of 10 minutes. Again, your time is valuable and I appreciate you spending part of your day with me. I’ll try to make it worthwhile and keep it to the point. If it goes longer, then, I’ll just cut it up into Part 2, Part 3, etc.

New Monday, New Month, New Ambition,
New Projects…That’s a Lot of NEW!


New – I have been inspired the last several weeks. I’ve started my new book, Life on the Backside of the Desert. I have begun telling my story of doing life and ministry in a lonely place, but when you look back you see that it was a great place and the best place to be. I have several chapter titles already put down on my laptop and I’m filling in the blanks as I go.

This book will also have a CD of songs that I wrote back in those days, some that the majority of you have never heard, like Lizzie, Geneva Bell, Thank You Cap & Mabel, Shakedown, He Changed My Life, and others.

There will also be an Audio version of the book. These should be available on Amazon, Kindle, and iTunes by the summer.

Other projects in the works – a new album called Texas Roots will feature folk songs, hymns, country, blues and rock songs that I like or have written myself. There is a rough mix version of my first song from the CD on the podcast for February 16.

Other projects include an album of favorite piano instrumentals called Instrumentally Yours. I also need to record my Heritage Hymns project and a collection of songs I have written for children, or are very short choruses in structure.

Julie is happy that I’m focusing more on music. Me, too.

So, stay tuned. I’ll keep releasing rough mix versions of songs to keep you wanting more of the real products that will come out soon. On that note I’ll say goodbye for now. I’ve got a lot of recording to do!

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