On the Road Again

Today is awesome for three reasons:

  1. I’m on vacation
  2. I’m with Julie, the love of my life
  3. We are traveling on the road again!

We start off our day with a train ride from
Van Buren, AR to Winslow, AR.  It’s a 3 hour
trip [includes a boxed lunch and memory
photo] and we’ll be in the Dome car so we
can see a lot of nice Arkansas scenery.

We’ll be riding the Arkansas & Missouri
Railroad. I’ll be adding photos as I get them.

Then we’ll conclude this day by driving to
Eureka Springs, AR for a stay at a nice

We just wanted to get away from the rain, storms
and tornadoes that we have been subject to in
OKC. In fact, a tornado siren went off this morning
about 6:15 or so. Woke me right up! Just saying.

So, enjoy my podcast and hear what all happened today.
See you tomorrow.
Chuck Whetstone

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