PT 109 Demo

PT 109 Demo

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USS_PT-109PT 109 was a great movie starring Cliff Robertson. It was about John F. Kennedy when he was in the Navy in WWII.

I recently did a podcast about this movie. PT 109 – At the Movies Podcast

PT 109 Demo

As part of The Lost Tapes Project I am sharing this live demo of PT 109, a song I wrote as a result of watching this movie late on a Saturday night.

PT 109 Demo

PT 109
Words & Music by Chuck Whetstone

Last night I saw a movie called PT 109
It showed John Fitzgerald Kennedy and twelve other men on board

Patrolling in enemy waters their vessel was struck in the night
Leaving thirteen men on a sinking ship; Oh, what a terrible sight

They were adrift on the water; Lost at sea, they were
Death seemed near, Hope turned to fear for the men of the 109

There are people dying everyday; I remembered as I watched this show
Hundreds of thousands of human souls; either heaven or hell they will go

They are adrift on Life’s waters; Lost in a sea of despair
Because life without God and His Son is like having no life at all

Oh, who will go out to the water?
Who will cry out to the Father?
Lay down your life for others
Not just your sisters and brothers
©2015, Charles L Whetstone, All Rights Reserved

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