Revival in Sickles

Revival in Sickles


Julie and I recently were part of a revival at Sickles Community Church. As you listen to my podcast you’ll hear all about it.  I’ll also introduce you to Pastor Tom & Peggy Clifton, Freida Sinclair, Willie Joe and Larry Sinclair.







We had a great time. I led the music for 5 services. They were all so nice and appreciated what I did.
They were very gracious and generous. We even brought home some sweet potatoes!

I was even able to sell many CDs (oh, I’ll be offering them on this web page soon.)

So, enjoy this podcast. I’ll be heading back there in November.



Revival in Sickles

Freida Sinclair & Willie Joe

img_8538 img_8528







Revival in Sickles

Larry Sinclair – Evangelist, Chalk Artist, Vocalist

img_7859 img_8529









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  1. Chuck, it was great to have you here at Sickles Community Church in September. Enjoyed the music. Cannot wait to see you again.

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