Seek and You Shall Find

 Seek and You Shall Find


I have some of the same habits as my Mom. Everywhere she went she would be looking for loose change on the ground. My Dad did the same thing. And in fact, they were usually rewarded for their efforts.

One time on a summer vacation we stopped at a roadside park to rest, stretch, and maybe eat lunch. My Dad sat down and leaned up against a tree. When he did he looked down and found a whole lot of change. He was pretty happy. I just hope it wasn’t his that had fallen out of his pants pocket. LOL

Mom and Dad loved to shop. Garage sales, thrift stores, consignment stores…you name it. One time Mom was looking at some slacks to buy. She went through the pockets and found $5.00. Not bad at all. I know that during their lifetimes they found $20 bills and more.

One time I was with them in Bartlett, TN and went to the Goodwill store. I bought a nice golf bag for $10.00. When I started looking through the zippers and all the hidden pockets I found a quarter. So the bag only cost me $9.75.

Seek and You Shall Find

My biggest find was in 2014. I had season tickets to the University of Oklahoma football games. Julie and I went to the game this one Saturday. My back and leg were really hurting, so I was going down the stairs slowly, plus there were a lot of people trying to get out of the stadium at the same time. Our seats were way up in the nose bleed section.

Anyway, on the way down I noticed something that looked like money. I picked it up. I told Julie it was a $100.00 bill. She said it wasn’t. I didn’t know for sure. It looked like one of those Christian tracts. You know, the ones that look like a folded $20 bill and when you flip it open, or turn it over it talks about Jesus?

One day after this I was at our credit union. I asked the teller to check this bill for me. They examined it and said it was a real $100.00 bill!  I’ll just say that OU home game was free.

 Seek and You Shall Find

My friend, Art, was in need of a van. My brother-in-law was selling one. Art and I lived in North Carolina. My sister and brother-in-law was stationed in Norfolk, VA. So, they agreed on a price for the van and Art and I rode a bus to pick it up. They exchanged money, title, etc. and we made our drive back to our home in central North Carolina.

Shortly after this Art was cleaning the van and looking under the dash to see where to hook up some stereo speakers. While he was doing this he saw something under the dash. He pulled it out and it was a $100.00 bill!

He didn’t know if an angel had placed it there [Art was a single guy and didn’t make much money], or if my brother-in-law had forgotten about putting it under there.  Either way, Art was a happy man! He called me up and said “Let’s go grocery shopping.”  We went to Lowe’s Foods and bought a bunch of groceries that he proceeded to give away to some friends who had 3 children. We were blessed.

My brother-in-law later told me [after I told him this story] that he had probably placed it under the dash for emergencies. He was happy Art found it.

What are you looking for? Keep looking. Seek and You Shall Find!

Matthew 7:7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

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  1. I found a 100 dollar bill walking in a field in 8th grade. We used to walk to 7-11 for a slurpee and one day on my walk home I looked down and found a hundred dollar bill. I think we used it to pay the light bill.

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