Send the Fire Again

Send the Fire Again

This week I’ve been part of an amazing convention of the Church of God.

I saw several friends in ministry and also several that I had gone to college with back in Houston, TX.

One of the speakers was Francis Chan.

His speaking last night reminded me of this song that I had written a while back and recorded in
1999 on my album Wake Up America. It’s called Send the Fire Again.

The song is based on the writings in Acts 2.

Send the Fire Again

Send the Fire Again
Words & Music by Chuck Whetstone

Send the fire again, send the flaming tongues,
Mighty Wind. Oh, send the fire again,
I need the Spirit need the touch of the fire again

There were 120 in the upper room [Acts 2]
They were taking care of business
cause Jesus told them to
They were all in one accord
Both the women and the men
Just a few days later they heard the sound of wind
Then they saw tongues of fire,
They were baptized in the Spirit that hour


There was a man named Cornelius [Acts 10]
Who saw an Angel at three
The Angel said go get Peter
He’s in a house by the sea
Well, Peter was praying
When the hunger pangs hit
God gave him a vision
This is what He meant
God accepts men of every nation
The Spirit can make a new creation


This song has a message
If you’ve got ears to hear
And to the one that wrote it
It is very, very clear
I need the power of the Spirit
To break the power of sin
And maybe this very hour
I’ll hear a mighty rushing wind
My life is dry, my heart is like flint
Strike a spark and blow on it

Copyright 1999, Charles L. Whetstone.
All Rights Reserved

Send the Fire Again

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