Sixties Television – The Beverly Hillbillies

Sixties Television – The Beverly Hillbillies

The_Beverly_HillbilliesThe Beverly Hillbillies was an American sitcom that was on CBS from 1962 – 1971.

It was filmed in Black and White (1962-1965) and  Color (1965-1971).

During the first two seasons, the show was the #1 top rated TV show in the country according to the Nielsen ratings. The third season was ranked #12.

Sixties Television – The Beverly Hillbillies

cast-of-the-show-the-beverly-hillbillies-23604452-345-263One of my favorite shows from the Sixties, The Beverly Hillbillies was just fun entertainment.

The premise of the show is that a man from the hills is suddenly worth millions of dollars because oil (Texas Tea, Black Gold) had been found on his land.

Cousin Pearl persuades Jed, Granny, Elly, and Jethro to move to Beverly Hills (sounds like some place in the country).

So, they move out west and into a mansion. Their next door neighbor is their banker (can you imagine?). They’ve got a cement pond, statues, a huge yard, and ghosts (it seems like). Every time the door bell is rung someone appears at the front door.

A lot of this was simple, stupid, funny humor. I loved it as a child of the 60s. I mean Elly was a beautiful girl to watch, Jethro was always trying to be “hip” and fit in trying to catch a girlfriend anyway he could, Granny continues to cook, clean and “Doctor” the way they did back home, and Jed continues to use common sense and honesty as the best way to live.

Sixties Television – The Beverly Hillbillies

beverlyhillbillies09mThe Principle Cast:

  • Buddy Ebsen as Jed “JD” Clampett (274 episodes, 1962-1971)
  • Irene Ryan as “Granny” Daisy Moses / … (274 episodes, 1962-1971)
  • Donna Douglas as Elly May Clampett (274 episodes, 1962-1971)
  • Max Baer Jr. as Jethro Bodine / … (274 episodes, 1962-1971)


  • Raymond Bailey as Milburn Drysdale (247 episodes, 1962-1971)
  • Nancy Kulp as Jane Hathaway (246 episodes, 1962-1971)

It seems like “everyone” was a guest star on The Beverly Hillbillies. Take a look at some of the stars who were seen starring with Jed, Granny, Elly, and Jethro.

  • Lester Flatts & Earl Scruggs
  • Sharon Tate
  • Phil Silvers
  • Bea Benaderet (Cousin Pearl)
  • Frank Wilcox (Mr. Brewster)
  • Larry Pennell (Dash Riprock)
  • Frank Cady (Sam Drucker)
  • Fred Clark
  • Richard Deacon
  • Louis Nye (Sonny Drysdale)
  • Roy Clark (Cousin Roy)
  • Edgar Buchanon (Uncle Joe Carson)
  • Tom Lester (Eb Dawson)
  • Leon Ames
  • Wally Cox
  • Soupy Sales
  • Rob Reiner
  • Leo Durocher
  • Eddie Albert
  • Pat Boone
  • Eva Gabor

Spin-offs that came from The Beverly Hillbillies:

Petticoat Junction
Green Acres



The Theme Song was The Ballad of Jed Clampett. The song was written and composed by Paul Henning, and sung by Jerry Scoggins, who was accompanied by bluegrass musicians Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs.

It was released as a single and actually did quite well for Flatts & Scruggs.

During the original run of The Beverly Hillbillies, special lyrics were written and inserted into the opening theme, advertising regular sponsors such as Kellogg’s cereals and Winston cigarettes. In the photo above you’ll see some “product placement” of Kellogg’s Cornflakes.

If you get a chance to watch the reruns…do it! It’s a lot of fun!

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