Sloppy People

Sloppy People

I’ve had a hard day. Just being honest.  I woke up. Went to the bathroom. Felt an earthquake!  I thought someone had hit our house with a car or something.

UPDATE: The 4.3-magnitude earthquake was centered near Luther:

There’s more. I won’t go into details, but let’s say I’ve been a little defeated and depressed.

But, Sam Crowley, who is one of the best podcasters, motivators, and speakers of our generation told me

Chuck, you need to create content everyday.  It only takes 15 minutes.

So, I have created a podcast for tomorrow, already.  I just didn’t want to share it today.  I have begun working on another 6 podcasts/blogs. So, I have done something.

Then, I read this from my friend Garry L. Ray. Julie and I met Garry and his wife in March when we were at a seminar in Memphis. Garry is a top salesman in his company, a great Christian man, and we have several mutual friends.

Well, Garry made me feel like a catfish filet today when I read his post on Facebook.  I want to share it with you now.  Then, I’ll go doctor my ego before I go to bed!

Sloppy People

Sloppy people create for them selves a chain reaction lifestyle which all too often is a mess.

Being sloppy, in book keeping, car maintenance, house work, your job, your health, your relationships, all areas of life, will cause you to always be behind.

Playing catch up and fixing problems (which being sloppy caused) is your way of life.
In most cases sloppy people feel un-lucky, they wonder why others have such good luck.

Sloppy people are always tired and exhausted from fixing all of their problems.

Sloppy people are reactionary, meaning their lives are centered around reacting to what happens, rather than making things happen.

Sloppy people are like thermometers, they react and move up or down based on the Thermostat’s of life.

I hate it so much for sloppy people but you can look at their whole lives and see sloppiness every where and watch them suffer so much because of it.

If you are a sloppy person, it will never get any better until you get it together.

Balance the check book, check the oil, push back the Twinkies, make the bed, clock in early and never ever cheat your employer.

Tighten it up, button it up, be neat, be thorough, get it together and become a thermostat and stop being a thermometer.

Sorry to be so blunt, but for some reason I can’t get away from this, just in case this is meant to you, I Love You, but being sloppy is a tiring life.

Best of luck, on second thought, it isn’t luck.

Sloppy People

I’ve suffered from this my whole life.  Now is the time to change and move forward. How about you?

Thank you, Garry L. Ray for helping me become a better me! I love you for it.

Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.

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