Success Is A Planned Event

Success Is A Planned Event


Yesterday Julie bought “chinese” carry out for the whole family in honor of Luke’s birthday. I finally got to eat a fortune cookie last night and here is what it said:

Success is a Planned Event

It made me think while I was watching the Olympics.

Most people, when they plan a trip by automobile will take a map and plan out a route to travel. Years ago when the gas stations like Gulf, Exxon, or Texaco would sell you a map of Texas or whatever region you were driving to, my dad would take a pencil or pen and sometimes a ruler and make his marks right on the map of what roads were best to travel to make our vacation the best it could be.


I did the same thing when I grew up. Now I just go to Google Maps and type in my destination and discover how far it is by car and how many miles it is and a plethora of other information.

The idea of a map is this: It is a tool to help you get from Point A to Point B.  If you just get in your auto and start driving with no destination in mind you will probably

  • get lost
  • run out of gas
  • hear your wife say “I told you so. Why didn’t you stop and ask directions?”
  • hear your children say, “Daddy, are we there yet?”

I think it best to have a map, a plan, a direction in mind before we head out.

This idea can be applied to your life, relationships, your job, or your business.

If you want to be a successful artist you will need to learn how to paint. Take lessons, work with a master, etc.

If you want to swim like Michael Phelps you can start by getting a copy of his daily routine. His daily routine is how he won those medals in the Olympics.

Daily Method of Operation

Daily Routine – Hmmmmm….you think there might be something in that?

Success Is A Planned Event

How we think: I believe that’s the key to success, because thinking comes before action. We can’t do things that lead to success until we think in a successful way. John Maxwell

Thinking comes before action! Wow!

Success Is A Planned Event

13914108_1220558251308342_8681418399828363629_oLarry Winget says that Failure IS an option. But don’t choose that one. Plan on success. DO what successful people do. DO NOT do what unsuccessful do.



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