Thanksgiving in August

Thanksgiving in August

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Review the good things that have come to you. Make it Thanksgiving in August.


Thanksgiving in August

Your assignment: Write down on a sheet of paper all the things you are thankful for; the things that have come into your life that you are thankful for.

My list includes:

  • a new suit
  • new dress shoes from my sister
  • Chimney Lane Church of God gave us $100
  • the church helped us get into a new rent house
  • someone in our church gave us $1000.00
  • Julie got a bonus of $1000.00
  • Dick Kline gave us a 1978 Chevette
  • Mom & Dad gave us a yellow Ford Mustang
  • someone delivered a load of wood to our house
  • Traveled to Muskegon, Michigan for some church services. I sold 48 cassette tapes of my recording Wait For You, and got 17 paid in advance orders.

Thanksgiving in August

What can you remember? It’s easy to remember the bad things in our lives. Let’s make today a day of Thanksgiving in August.

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