The Long, Long Trailer

The Long, Long Trailer

The Long, Long Trailer (1953)

LLTrailerPosterThis movie is based on the novel of the same name written by Clinton Twiss in 1951.

It’s debut was December 31, 1953, but was released to the whole United States February 18, 1954.

This color film runs 103 minutes.

Director: Vincent Minnelli

Lucy and Desi had already been doing their TV show, I Love Lucy, for two years when this movie came out.

The Long, Long Trailer

the-long-long-trailerThe Long, Long Trailer

The story is that Tacy and Nicky are getting married. They decide to purchase a long, long trailer to live in, and they spend their honeymoon in it as well traveling from California to Colorado.

The rest is comedy history as one thing after another happens to them on this journey by the newlyweds.

You’ll never forget watching them drive in the mountains. And Lucy is up to her old tricks when she starts collecting rocks along the way to remember their trip by.
And, the scenes in the rain are just hilarious.

The Long, Long Trailer

The_Long,_Long_Trailer_posterThe Long, Long Trailer

Lucille Ball: Tacy Bolton Collini
Desi Arnaz: Nicky Collini
Marjorie Main: Mrs. Hittaway
Howard McNear: Mr. Hittaway
Keenan Wynne: Policeman
Bert Freed: Foreman

Many uncredited actors like Norman Leavitt and Jack Kruschen.

The song, Just Breezin’ Along With The Breeze, is also in the movie. If you would like to see that clip on YouTube the link is here. Breezin’ Along

I highly recommend you watch The Long, Long, Trailer starring two of America’s [and Cuba] darlings of comedy, Lucy and Desi.

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