The Lost Tapes Project

The Lost Tapes Project

NOTE: My blog is usually a shorter version of the story I am telling from day to day. The Podcast [that you can click on or go to iTunes and listen to] is a longer, and more detailed version of the blog.

I wrote this song that started out as a song for my wife. It ended up being a love song to the Savior. It’s called I Love You, or as my daughter would call it, “Easy Chair” from the opening lines.

We lived in Asheboro, NC at the time and I decided I wanted to go into the recording studio and lay down some tracks.

I dropped by Duel, Inc. and talked with Don Allred, the owner. He said he could record me on a multi-track tape machine for $35. I think that was the price. This had to be in the eighties. I believe I paid him a deposit and we set up a time to record.

The Lost Tapes Project

I remember I brought in my electric Ibanez guitar, an amp, maybe a bass guitar, and the ARP Omni-2 (a polyphonic string synthesizer with rudimentary polyphonic synthesizer functions.)  Our band, Last Days Light Band, had bought the Ibanez and the ARP for our band and we used these instruments at our church, Chimney Lane Church of God.

Don had a piano and mics for vocals and such.

So, I laid down some tracks. On the recording you can hear

  1. piano
  2. vocal 1
  3. vocal 2
  4. bass guitar
  5. electric guitar
  6. ARP keyboard

The Lost Tapes Project

Don recorded me and ran off a cassette of the rough mix. That is what you are hearing on this podcast. It is rough and noisy due to the cassette tape being about 30 years old now. So, if you hear some hiss at the beginning and maybe a little garbled sound at the end you now know why.

This recording reminds me of the guitar sound you hear on some of The Carpenters recordings.

Here is a valuable lesson I learned. I was always short of money. Two kids, rent, low paying jobs, etc. Money was tight. So, I kept meaning to go by and pay Don what I owed him. When I finally got a little money I went by and talked to him. I said I’m ready to mix it down now. He said, sorry, I had to use that master tape for some other recording since you didn’t come in and pay what you owed.

So, I ended up paying him anyway, and the only thing I got was the rough mix cassette. Lesson to be learned:

Pay your debts in a timely fashion.

I wasn’t mad at Don at all. It was my fault.

I hope you enjoy this recording of I Love You. It will be part of a series I am calling The Lost Tapes Project. I hope to remaster these tapes that I have found before all the magnetic properties of the cassette tapes get worse. I’ll be releasing more songs as they become available. Some of these have not been heard by anyone in 25 or more years.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 3.21.28 PM


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