The Most Embarrassing Day of My Life

The Most Embarrassing Day of My Life

Into each and every life a little rain must fall.

My story today takes me back to another field trip at school. This might have been 7th or 8th grade. If you remember, at the end of the school year, usually in May, our class, or the whole grade would go on a field trip as a reward for completing the year.

I’m not really sure where we went, but it seems like some place like Goliad, but I’m sure it wasn’t there. I remember an outdoor memorial area, like where a battle had been fought or something. I’m not sure if it was a Civil War battle or one for the liberation of Texas from Mexico.

The Most Embarrassing Day of My Life

While we were at this historical site we ate our sack lunches, relaxed, looked around and did what young people would do.

On some field trips we would take a school bus or two. On this particular trip we carpooled using room parents cars. I remember riding in the very back of a long station wagon.

1967_country_squire1Some station wagons had seating for 9. Three in the front, three in the middle bench seat, and 3 in the rear seat that usually opened up and you sat looking out the back of the wagon. On this day they did not open the 3rd seat up, or they didn’t have one, so 2 of us boys sat back there on the flat cargo area [above the spare tire].

On our way home we were cutting up and having fun and all of a sudden I didn’t feel well. I told the grown up driving the car that I really needed to go to the rest room.

The Most Embarrassing Day of My Life

Guess what? We were driving in rural south Texas. There were only small towns and lots of cotton fields. This was 1967 or so. There were no McDonald’s in every other city. Nothing. Nothing but fences and cows and fields.

But I had to go to the bathroom and it wasn’t to “water the flowers.”  My stomach was hurting. It was not going to be pleasant if I didn’t make a stop soon.

Somehow I convinced her [the adult driver] to stop the car and let me run behind a nearby barn and do what I needed to do.

Well, we stopped. And I think one of two other cars stopped, too, to see what was wrong. “Did you have a flat tire?”  “Is everything okay?” I can hear them probably asking these questions while I’m heading to this barn, hoping a bull wasn’t out there going to charge me!

Remember how this blog started? A little rain must fall? It had recently rained down in south Texas. And I mean a lot of rain. When I got into the field making a dash for the barn I ran through some mud. It wouldn’t have been too bad, but sitting in the back end of this station wagon we had taken our shoes off.  I had quickly slipped on my friends penny loafers so I wouldn’t have to tie up my laces on my tennis shoes.

Big mistake. I was now in somebody else’s field wearing someone else’s shoes. What a mess I was in. I was able to hide behind the barn or tree and do my business.

Making my way back to the car I could feel everyone’s eyes watching me. And when I finally got to the car ready to get back in the shoes I had borrowed were covered in mud. I’m not sure how we dealt with that, but we made it home and I’m sure I had to ask my friend to forgive me. He probably said something like, “They’ll clean up. No problem.”

I really don’t remember anything else about this, except the feeling of being embarrassed. I mean big time. That night or the next night I went to the local little league baseball game to watch some friends play. The field was right near our house. But I was so embarrassed wondering what my friends, and especially the girls were saying about me, or even thinking about me. I just wanted to crawl in a hole and die.

Teenage years are tough. You know what? I don’t remember anyone saying anything to me about the whole trip or the ordeal I went through. They might have been thinking things but they never voiced them to me. It was all in my head.

But, I’ll remember this one field trip as The Most Embarrassing Day of My Life!

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