The Peanuts Movie – A Review

The Peanuts Movie – A Review


We recently went to watch The Peanuts Movie with our grandchildren. They are ages 3,6, and 9. I think they all loved this fun little movie.  Having been raised on the Peanuts comics (Charles M. Schulz) in the Sunday newspaper and the Charlie Brown television specials I have a fondness for all things Snoopy and Charlie Brown.


The Peanuts Movie – A Review


This well produced animation movie has all the elements of the Charlie Brown television specials that I grew up on, so I really liked that. It has the music that you love to hear from Vince Guaraldi, Beethoven and many others. All of the “theme” songs you associate with Peanuts are included.


If you would like to see the trailer please click here: The Movie Trailer

The Peanuts Movie – A Review


All of my favorite characters are in this movie, including:

Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Schroeder, Peppermint Patty, Woodstock, Marcie, The Little Red-Haired Girl, Sally,
Pig-Pen, Violet Gray, and more.

Not only does Snoopy steal the show being himself with Woodstock and trying to go to school, but he also portrays The Flying Ace that fights The Red Baron over France and falls in love with FiFi. And, Snoopy recreates his famous Joe Cool look at the school dance.


There is a lot you can find to do on the Peanuts Movie website. You can even sound like the teacher. For a little fun go here and play with The Wah Wah Machine.


I think you’ll love this movie and hopefully you can see it in theaters before it’s taken out.  If not, please rent it when it comes out on DVD.

This movie runs 93 minutes and it’s in color, of course!





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