The Power of One

The Power of One

My thoughts today are not many. They are about One.


One. Singular. Individual. Sole.

What if each day we do One thing.

It can be many One things, but at least ONE.

How about some examples.

The Power of One


  • Start ONE new habit – example – flossing all your teeth one time per day
  • Read ONE chapter of a book that you are trying to get through.
  • Add ONE fifteen minute segment to your life by waking up 15 minutes earlier.

The Power of One



  • Take a walk around your block – ONE time, then you can increase as you get stronger.
  • Do ONE of something – sit up, pushup, stretch, etc.
  • Do ONE set of something – weights, machines, etc.


  • Add ONE healthy fruit or vegetable to your diet this week
  • Reduce your sugar intake – make your sweet tea with 2 tablespoons instead of 3! Reduce by ONE.
  • Pick ONE meal a day (your choice) and drink water with your meal instead of coffee, tea, or soda
  • Make Better Bad Choices – instead of eating 3 items at Taco Bell, only order 2 items. Reduce by ONE. You’ll save money, too.
  • When eating out, say at Red Lobster, share ONE entree with your spouse, partner, or friend. Julie and I share the Admiral’s Feast because it has plenty of food. We split the salad, the baked potato, scallops, clams, fried fish, and shrimp. Just ask for an extra plate.


  • Take ONE dollar (coins or a bill) and put it in a safe place. Do that everyday and you will have saved $365.00. That could be part of your Christmas purchases or a special treat for yourself!
  • Want to De-clutter your house? How about taking ONE drawer, cabinet, or closet and cleaning it out. Do that one time per week and soon you’ll have all of your storage organized and neat again.
  • Want to Deep Clean your house? Choose ONE room. Start there. Then move on to another.
  • Want to start being more Generous? Charitable? Loving? Write ONE encouraging note or card and send it to someone you love.






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