Tremendous Tuesday [It can be yours if you want]

Tremendous Tuesday [It can be yours if you want]

Yesterday we honored those who had fallen in military service
with our Memorial Day events, parades, thoughts and prayers.
And many of us grilled out with family and friends.

At our house I cooked Angus burgers, hot dogs and smoked
brats on the grill. I barely finished before more rains started
falling. This has been the wettest May on record and it’s been
devastating in loss of property and lives here in Oklahoma.

My wife did the rest by cooking baked beans, a chocolate
cake, and cutting up all the veggies for the burgers. Oh, I also
made our famous easy recipe of Homemade Sherbet Ice Cream.

It’s simple – 6 cans of orange soda
1 can of Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk
Put it in your ice cream maker and let it run.
You’ll have wonderful tasting sherbet ice cream in less
than an hour. You can also use of flavors of soda.

Our house was a buzz! Our kids came over and brought
our grandchildren and it was on! The 3 year old kept
asking if the party had started yet. She was so eager to
enjoy cake and ice cream.

We had 4 children under the age of 9 and 6 adults. It
wasn’t long ago that it was just Julie and I and our two
children trying to make ends meet. Now we are blessed
with a son-in-law, daughter-in-law, four wonderful
grandchildren and one more on the way. This Christmas
will be really wild with 11 of us in the living room.

Tremendous Tuesday [It can be yours if you want]

Back to Memorial Day.
Many of us had the day off – a long weekend consisting of
Saturday, Sunday and Monday. But today is Tuesday.

For some it will seem like a Monday but to others it
will be one day closer to Friday afternoon at 5:00.

One thing is for sure – yesterday is gone. It’s over with.
All you have is today, and today is Tuesday. Oh, and
the weekend is still a ways off, so don’t celebrate your
next time off too early. You need to live today

I want to leave you with a quick 2 step strategy on
“How to Have a Tremendous Tuesday.”

  1. Be Thankful – The Bible says to give thanks always. Post-Note
    I’m pretty sure that is good advice. Now, you don’t
    have to love the current situation, like flooding in
    Texas, tornadoes in Shreveport, etc. But you can
    be thankful that you have a new day, that you can
    still work a job [if you are working], that you have
    pretty good health, and many other things. Find
    at least one thing to be thankful for this morning.
  2. Be Thoughtful – Dr. John Maxwell says that “People
    don’t care how much you know until they know
    how much you care.” It doesn’t take a lot of effort
    to smile at someone, to be courteous, or to give
    them praise. I challenge you to show someone
    you care for them in a thoughtful way. Perhaps
    you could buy them a cup of coffee, or pay for
    their lunch. Or maybe you could just leave a nice
    note on their desk. Be thoughtful today.

Make today the best Tuesday you’ve ever had. I have two
friends having surgery today and I’m sure they would
rather be going to work, or anything besides having these
surgeries, but they must be done. Keep them in your
thoughts and prayers.

Oh, and go have your own Tremendous Tuesday!
You deserve it.

Chuck Whetstone


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