Wake Up America

 Wake Up America

Song Story:
I remember it like yesterday.  I had been some place, probably Greensboro, NC, and had stopped by Taco Bell on my way home. While sitting at Taco Bell eating my burrito I was reading CCM – Contemporary Christian Music Magazine.

There was an article by Terry Talbot and it just floored me. I don’t even remember what it was about, but it got to me. You know. We used to call it conviction.

Anyway, when I got home I sat at the piano and had to do something with the way I was feeling.
So, I grabbed a pen and some paper and this song is the result. It took about 20 minutes to write.


Wake Up America

Wake Up America
Words & Music by Chuck Whetstone

We live in a fantasy, we like what we see
We don’t take seriously this land we call free
We have our problems, both great and small
But if we don’t live holy this great land will fall

This is America, the land that I love
The birthplace of liberty and the home of the brave
Wake Up America before it’s too late
There’s still hope America, repent today

We turn on our radios and we drive in our cars
No shortage of anything; what we want is ours
TV celebrities are living our lives
Our video nightlife has blinded our eyes


Madonna for president, looks like she’ll win
It’s a Disneyland fairytale where nothing is sin
The whole world is watching in great disbelief
This two car society, the hungry won’t feed

This is America, the land that I love
The birthplace of liberty and the home of the brave
Wake Up America and turn back to God
There’s still hope America
There’s still hope America
Yes, there’s still hope America
Repent today
Copyright 1999, Charles L Whetstone. All Rights Reserved

Wake Up America

Bass guitar: Chuck Bingham
Drums: Aaron Whetstone/Chuck Whetstone
Keyboards and all vocals: Chuck Whetstone
Recorded in 1999 at Bossier City, LA

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Wake Up America — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Pastor Chuck:

    Loved your song. The harmony was beautiful. Did you say you sang that also? Amazing! Happy 4th of July to You and Julie!
    We love you,

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