When God Forgives He Forgets

When God Forgives He Forgets


L-R Chuck Whetstone, Chester Harkins, Cliff Donaldson, Paul Donaldson (hidden)

It was the summer of 1973. I had just made friends with Paul & Cliff Donaldson. We became a band and started singing/playing in area churches in south Texas.

After a few weeks they invited some friends of theirs, who lived in Houston, to come down and do some outdoor ministry with us. That’s when I met my future brother-in-law, Richard Watson, and his best friend, Chester Harkins.

We practiced about 10 songs or so, ate some lunch, and then packed up the equipment (and Mrs. Donaldson’s piano from her living room) and headed toward Parkdale Plaza Shopping Center.

That led to a friendship and musical partnership that has been wonderful these 43 years.


Theophilus, 1973. In the pic outside Richard’s van [taken outside of FBC Ingleside, TX]: backrow: Paul Donaldson, Chester Harkins, Jr, Chuck Whetstone frontrow: Cliff Donaldson, Richard Watson

Chester is a prolific song writer. One day he sent me a cassette tape of some songs and song ideas he was working on. Well, I loved them and we started using many of them in our band, Last Days Light Band, in North Carolina.

The song I’m sharing with you today was one of those songs. It reminded me of a great country ballad in 3/4 time. It can also sound like The Eagles song “Take it To the Limit.” I started singing this song in my own repertoire, but it was too short. So, I wrote the last verse as you see it here. I just wanted to complement what Chester had already done and said in his song. I hope you like it.

When God Forgives He Forgets

When God Forgives He Forgets
Chester Harkins, Jr/Chuck Whetstone

There’s a woman crying now
Somewhere in every town
The man she loves is chasing fallen dreams

He thinks to be a man he needs a drink in his hand
But all he needs is a touch of God’s love

When God forgives He forgets
The sin you’ve done no more exists
Your life is clean it’s been washed in Jesus blood

So trust him now don’t worry ’bout
How Jesus cleans your heart out
You can’t buy the grace of God with bags of gold

When the night time rolls around
Everywhere you hear this sound
Crying hearts, broken dreams and lost love

At the foot of the cross all your sins can be lost
When God forgives He forgets you’ve ever sinned

Well I once was bound by sin
Destined for hell I knew within
Till Jesus saved me now I’m one of God’s sons

Now you might not hear a thing
When the angels start to sing
But none the less your new life has just begun

When God Forgives He Forgets

This recording was made at Sickles Community Church at the revival that was held in September, 2016.




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  1. Hey Pastor Chuck!
    Jim and I just loved this song! Of course, we loved that “country sound”. The words were so meaningful. So wonderful to hear you play and sing! Also, enjoyed the story. With love, Jim and Janice

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