You Don’t Have to Be Great to Start But You Have to Start to Be Great

You Don’t Have to Be Great to Start,
But You Have to Start to Be Great

This life as a self-employed musician/entrepreneur has kept me busy the last couple of months.

Some quick highlights:

  • Skirvin Hotel, OKC
  • Pryor First Church of God
  • St. Andrews United Methodist
  • Elk City Church of God
  • Seller’s Summit, Memphis, TN

Sam Crowley shared with us at the Seller’s Summit in Memphis, TN that

You don’t have to be GREAT to START
BUT, you have to START to be GREAT!

Check out this UPdate from Chuck about music and life.

Skirvin Hotel Skirvin-Red-Piano-Slider-2Pryor FCHOG


St. Andrews UMC


Elk City CHOG

IMG_7183 IMG_7188







Seller’s Summit – Sam Crowley


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